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What Test Would You Take for a 1st Cycle?



I just posted about a winstrol only cycle… but, I am wondering, if I was to add test:

  1. what would you recommend for a first cycle?
  2. how much test per week?
  3. Would you do it e/d or eod? or twice per/week?
  4. Where would you inject?
  5. is there anything else you would add?


D x


500mg every week
Mon & Thrusday
Inject in quads or your arse
Do you have a Ai on hand, PCT?


Thanks for the reply.

Okay, so 250 mg on those days?

I have nolva (20-40mg e/d for 4 weeks)

No AI currently, what would you recommend?


Go with some test E 250mg twice a week. Longer ester so you won’t have to pin as often. For AI you could go with arimidex. Dosages can vary. .5mg eod seems to be what most recommend.


Okay, so, should I use Arimidex from the get go?

A cycle such as for 8 weeks: (would this be okay for a first cycle)

Test: 250mg twice per week or eod
Winny: 50mg e/d
Arimidex: .5 eod


Is this your first cycle? PCT plans? I would go longer than 8 weeks. 12-15 would be better


I was told to run Test only for my first cycle. Get your body’s bearings. PCT under control as well… I did that… it went well… now I’m stacking other things but I’ve been told it’s always good to baseline Test…