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What Test Should I Start With?


Hi everyone...

I'm a 27yrs yrs old Asian from Singapore and i have been training for 4yrs... here's my current lifting stats, i do high, medium & low frequency training togather with some assistance work like single-leg movement work (weighted 1 leg squat, split lunge, single deadlift) & single-arm movement work (1-arm row,1-arm bench press etc).

Currently lifting stats

Snatch from the ground - 70kg
Clean & Jerk - 80kg
Full Front Squat - 100kg
Deadlift - 100kg
Bench Press -- 85kg
Weighted Pull-ups (Close-Grip) - 25kg Dumbell hanging for 5reps
Weighted Dips 25Kg Dumbell hanging for 5reps

I'm standing at 1.68m, weighing at 63kg with 13% BF... my body frame type belongs to a middle & long distance runner, but it took me quite awhile from a very lean body frame that use to carry 7% Bodyfat and i have been training til the current "Bigger" body frame now...

Now,my question is ...what do u guys suggestion wat Test should i start with to build a quality muscle mass on a gradual constant pace while i'm still doing training?? Pls feel free to pour in ur suggestion...Thank You for ur help in advance..Cheers..


No where near ready, too small and weak still.

Dial in your training and diet and make it worth while.


Thanks Westclock, mind explaining wat's no where near ready means to u??


What are your goals?

If it's size or strength, then you have a significant amount of work to do as far as size, and your deadlift and back squat should be AT LEAST twice your bodyweight, especially at 13% BF.


It seems that your making good progress, but you need to get a little farther naturally before considering steroids.

Their usage is somewhat complicated and risky, there's no reason to use them until you have exhausted your other options.

Your lifts and level of lean mass aren't high enough to consider steroids yet, you can still easily gain naturally as your body is still far below its limits.

Using steroids before your "topped out" genetically is an unnecessary risk.

4 years isnt very long to be considering steroid usage, hardcore lifting and dieting should be attempted full bore before chemical enhancement.

It makes cycling more effective when you do reach the point where you can use, you already have great eating/lifting habits and you can concentrate on the cycle itself.

Bench 300, Squat 400, Dead 500 is the obvious line where your ready, a little before that would apply in your case as your smaller frame will make those poundages more difficult.

So mabey bench 250, Dead 425, squat 350 would be a good benchmark.

Now obviously Im just making this up, but it should give you a good idea of the level of development that you should be near before you NEED to use chemicals to go farther.

Certainly its a personal choice, and we will still help you plan a cycle if you wish as your certainly old enough to assess and choose the risk, just be aware its not advised YET.


Thank You Westclock...I understand where u're coming from your view...I still can push much further at the current lifts stats that i'm doing now,but it'll take time and some planning involve in training... I like playing around with the food as i believe by using food FIRST will help in manupilate your body changes..

But For instance, IF i would to take up the cycle, what do u suggest in a cycle plan?? Does the plan includes Pre & Post Cycle Therapy when i'm doing the phase of the anabolic production??


IF you were to run a cycle, test only would be advised. Read the stickied threads at the top of this page to get an idea for those.

West is tossing up some good advice, you're not close enough to your natural potential to start using, but keep researching, reading, and asking questions. The more you know, the better off you are.




Thanks Iron... i will just on researching for more information b4 hitting onto the gear..thanks man..


No shit.. it will take time and planning to make gains? Really? Shit.. fuck that, i want drugs instead. With drugs you can produce results in no time with no planning you know..

This is the most intelligent thing you have said. You are correct, you won't grow without food (if that IS what you did indeed say..)

Nice try - god loves a trier..!

I don't even know what this means? 'Pre cycle therapy'? Wow.. please tell more! 'The phase of the Anabolic Production'? I am truly intrigued as to what you mean, you are using terms i have never heard of - hopefully when you tell us what this means i will be smart enough to comprehend it.



Recommended cycle:
Pre-cycle therapy:
Weeks 1 - 104: natural training until your ready for AAS.