What?! Test Estrogen Ratio?! Who Knew

Read the article. The importance is the ratio. It isn’t about a damn sweet spot.


It’s funny that TC posted this. I always enjoy his articles most. Since we spoke on the nolva, I haven’t gotten mine in yet but at 150mg a week and only taking about .75mg a week, I feel pretty good. I think 1.5mg would most definitely be overkill. Can’t wait for the next training cycle push(after the shoulder heals), I really want to get some massive lifts recorded.

Yes when I hear people always things about 1mg per 100 mg t etc I just kinda lose my mind a little.

I would rather see people use 6mg of aromasin once a week. People get confused with the short half life but being suicidal the effects last about 6 days

Yes and that’s exactly why I am switching to aromasin. I really think once I dial in my nolva and aromasin if needed, that my blasts will be much better and possibly be able.to extend them, since I don’t really use real harsh and dosages. Still haven’t touched tren, and a lot of the pricier items I want too but not ready in my mind.

Very smart thinking. Truly. Adex is actually a harsh ass drug and people don’t want to even hear that.

Just be careful with aromasin as even a little dose of 6mg a week can totally mess you up.

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I dropped my adex and hcg in replace of 20 mg nolva daily and feel better and improved. It’s been less than a week but wanted to thank you for the different option to pilot physio.

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My man! So glad to hear it.

What is the reasoning / rational behind the protocol switch?

I’m extremely sensitive to hcg. 250 iusq even twice per week causes unpleasant water retention, puffy nipples, very similar to high e2 symptoms even when my e2 is low. It came down to 125 ius once per week. Ive also had a very hard time modulating my e2, even with microdosing adex. Low level depression and headaches seemes to come with the adex. I liked the idea of something with the potential to replace the AI and hcg. I’m always open to trying something new to better myself and how I feel.

Yes I am not a fan of my patients running hcg on trt or for those who blast and cruise. And at your levels of test and sensitivity there is no need for an AI. Tamoxifen will take care of both issues with one easy to tolerate medication. Headaches are a side effect that is extremely common with anti aromatase use.

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Tamoxifen is all that I needed I did up it to 40mg ed mid cycle (500mg test) which made me feel even better. I did do HCG I’m 46 have had the snip, so next time I’m not going to bother, I know testes will shrink but hey I will wear it… Whoever made came up with Tamoxifen is a God.


Exactly. Well done bro.