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What Template Next?

Current lifts

I’m about finished on my 4th cycle of the og 5/3/1. I hit new rep prs for my squat and deadlift but no luck with my pressing if anything I lost some reps.
My question is what template do you think I should do next I have the forever book refer me to the page of it. And also since my squat and deadlift are doing fine could I do say the og 531 for squat and deadlift and another for ohp and bench or should they all be the same template?

What is your goal? That will dictate your path.

Honestly I just wanna be able to bench 315.

Run an anchor with some jokers in it to get used to handling heavier weights.

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So do you recommend running 5s pro fsl for leader
Then for the anchor 5pro, joker, and fsl?

I would just run an anchor now and get used to heavy weights again, since you have been pushing rep PRs up until this point.

Ok thanks after I run the anchor. What leader should I run?

Volume & Strength and Leviathan are good for consistently handling heavier weights. Both have you hitting your TM for a few reps every week.


This, then 1.2 gives very good results for pressing…


That will depend on how the anchor goes.

Alright thanks I will give it a go

I have another question when it says
25-50 pulls and push for extra work
Does that include the fsl set?
Or does it look like this
Bench 531
Bench fsl

No, it doesn’t include FSL work


Best template in Forever

pg. 177

Combination Template.

Just for your current situation.

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looks like that

main (531)
Supplement (FSL)
Assistant - 25-50

Good luck!!!


Thanks I’ll check that out

What deload is more effective. The 50% of Tm or working up to the tm for 1?

Neither deload is more effective. They’re simply different. Use the appropriate deload for the appropriate situation.

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