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What Techniques for Gap Workout?

What kind of tecniques would you use for a quick yet effctive 2-3 muscle groups workout (Mine would hit biceps, triceps and calves)

For biceps: iso-prefatigue, iso-postfatigue, mechanical dropsets, partials, 1& 1/4 reps, tempo contrasts → biceps respond extremely well to isometric work and lactate/growth factor accumulation sets aka pump work.

For calves: standing calf raises with machines in 8-12 rep range, tempo 2222. You can also do bodyweight only calf raises on a higher platform that allows full ROM in the ankles. Use this protocol: 10 reps, 10 sec rest, 20 reps, 20 sec rest, 30 reps, 30 sec rest,… Tempo used is still 2222. The first time you might not make 30 reps because the burn is absolutely brutal. Progress up to a set of 50 reps overtime, then add some form of extra weight.

For triceps: slow eccentrics, 2-3 second pauses in stretched position, tempo contrasts, iso-pre and postfatigue and partials all work great → triceps respond extremely well to eccentric work but can also grow from pump, metabolic work.