What T-Nation Supplements Do YOU Take?

Ok all, I’m interested in what T-Nation/Biotest supplements you all are taking, along with what your goals are. I’m hard at work on a basic article regarding supplementation and am hoping you all can help me out. I’ll even start…

My current goal is to get healthy, but otherwise to put pounds on my powerlifting total. I’m currently taking Low-Carb Grow!, Grow! bars, Surge and Power Drive pre-workout now (due to the incomparable Dave Barr’s recommendations), and ZMA nightly before bed. What I’m really interested in checking out is the new EPA/DHA supplement that Biotest is bringing to the market.

So what are you all taking?

Stay strong

My goals are to become a force to be reconed with in strongman at the 231 lbs class. Currently weigh 210, strength steadily climbing.

The only Biotest supplement I use right now is Spike, as it basically gives me the effect of a cup of coffee (before you say Spike is stronger than coffee, try a cup of MY coffee…) but without the crash afterwards or jitters during.

I use a few others too, but I won’t mention names. Vitamins, oils, creatine, and protein.


I’m taking Surge post workout, Carbolin 19, Power Drive pre workout and ZMA at night. I plan on going to Low-Carb Grow! when my current protein runs out in about 3 weeks and I too am REALLY REALLY REALLY looking forward to the EFA supplement from Biotest (please come out with this already!!!). I also have a bottle of Spike that I occasionally take when staying up late for work or on those days when I feel “blah”.

Almost forgot about my goals. Basically to get back in better shape than I was when I played football (~228-230+ lbs and 8% bf). I’m 25 now, so I’d like to establish good health habits beyond just eating relatively clean so I won’t pay for it with aching joints and a bad back down the road. I also wouldn’t mind living up to my old nickname “Swole”.

Currently it’s just Carbolin 19 for me though I have taken Alpha Male also. I’m currently leaning out a little bit, and will begin HOT-ROX. I’m currently doing TTT with some minor deviations. After leaning out I need more mass. I’ll be looking into Power Drive and Spike when I’m doing a more taxing program such as TBT or The Art of Waterbury.

Oh-how could I forget ZMA? I always use Biotest’s ZMA. And Low-Carb Grow! too. I’m a forgetful fucker tonight.

Low-Carb Grow!

Have a bottle of MAG-10 and Carbolin 19 waiting for September

I’m now 6’4" about 265–down from about 280 June 1st. Would like to be around 255 beg. of Sept. then cycle through MAG-10 / Carbolin 19 and hope to pick up about 15 or so lbs that month.

Am looking to increase strength and maintain weight at between 260-275 depending on current cycle.

Maybe one day I will look into HOT-ROX and see where I can go in that direction. 40+ now so maybe it’s time to finally ‘lean’ out.

Low-Carb Grow!

These are my staples.

And currently also using HOT-ROX.

ZMA - greatest mineral supplement ever

Alpha Male - I notice an overall difference in my personality and my recovery while I’m on. It’s not dramatic, but it’s pleasant

Power Drive - I actually have fairly high energy levels as I don’t really notice a difference when using Power Drive. I do, however, have faster verbal recall and more patience with customers on the days I take it

Surge - I used to ALWAYS get hungry during workouts. Sipping on this during my workout keeps me energized and focused. And it’s great to still have about half of it after the workout’s over

M - Only on the weekends. I feel a bit more relaxed and, for lack of a better word, vital on the days I take it

Will be starting Methoxy-7 and Carbolin 19 in the next few months (not concurrently).

Goals: Right now, 1. retraining my glutes and hamstrings; 2. preserving and improving my joint health; 3. maintaining a bodyweight of 190-200lbs with a respectable physique. I have a passion for the iron which is exceeded by my passion for Okinawan Karate. So, I want strong functionality in that pursuit. Of course, I also want to look and feel great.

So, my end goal is to be as muscular, cardiovascularly (that’s my damn word, no one else touch it) fit, and active as possible on a day to day basis in my karate training.

Grow! Bars: they are by far the best protien bar on the market (taste/nutrition/price)

Ummm thats it at the moment due to financial restraints…

Surge however is a consistant purchase as the quality/taste is uncomparable to anything else I’ve tried

Also just finished a bottle of Alpha Male, my bacne thanks me… but I will purchase it again

Low-Carb Grow!

my goal is to put on mass.

I use Alpha Male and Maximum Strength HOT-ROX alot (3x3). Right now I am moving to Alpha Male and Carbolin 19 (3x3 and 2x2). I also use DHEA 100mg x2/day. That and of course Low-Carb Grow! and Surge but I don’t really think of those as supplements.

Low Carb Grow!

I don’t really have a long term goal because I don’t want to put any limits on myself but I guess you could say I want to be as big as possible yet remain functional.

Low Carb Grow! is the greatest supplement of all time. I’ve started taking it every night.

I also use Grow! Bars, Surge and started Carbolin 19 two days ago. Ordered ZMA today.

My goals are to continue bulking for the next 30 days, then do 30 days of cutting (which is why I’m starting Carbolin 19 now). After that I want to do Waterbury’s “Mesocycle” strength plan and then a back program from elsewhere. I eat clean 100% of the time except for beer 1-4 times a week.

QUESTION: for anyone who knows, if I start taking ZMA at night, when should I take my Low Carb Grow!? Should I take the ZMA, wait 40 minutes then take the Grow!, or vice verca? Stupid question?

Take the ZMA 30-45 minutes before you have your Grow! and you should be all set.

[quote]mikeron wrote:
QUESTION: for anyone who knows, if I start taking ZMA at night, when should I take my Low Carb Grow!? Should I take the ZMA, wait 40 minutes then take the Grow!, or vice verca? Stupid question?[/quote]

Low-Carb Grow!
Alpha Male
Grow! bars - especially on meet days (I struggle to choke down a lot of whole food when I’m lifting, so these are a great middle-ground between something that’s going to sit very heavy and just some liquid meal)
Spike (when I need a kick in the pants)

And, I might just have a mini-stockpile of the ol’ MD6 (RIP) kicking around!

Regardless of my training goals, Biotest staples are:

  • Low-Carb Grow! - The best tasting protein supplement on the market.

  • Surge (although I’m going to have to reconsider this as I will be embarking on the Anabolic Diet after I finish the V-Diet)

  • ZMA - Extra insurance for hard training athletes, plus a greet sleep enhancer.

IMO, one should get adequate nutrition, a good MRP, and a PWO shake before even considering any other supps.

For specific training goals:

Currently, I am on the Velocity Diet, so I am also using HOT-ROX.

During hypertrophy oriented training, I use Alpha Male or TRIBEX and will eventually try Carbolin 19. (When they were available, I used MAG10 and 4-AD-EC…and prior to that Androsol and Nandrosol.)

When increasing limit strength is the goal, I will use Power Drive before workouts (I have yet to try Spike, but I am looking forward to trying it pre-workout.)

That’s all folks…

I take Low-Carb Grow!, Grow! bars, ZMA, and Carbolin 19 (and salmon and flax oil also).

Am currently training for a 12 hour adventure race in August. During this phase, I’m trying to increase my endurance and simply maintain the muscle I’ve built.

After the race, I’d like to put on 10-15lbs of lean mass and then re-evaluate when I get there.

On another note, what non-Biotest supplements do you take? In addition to the great Biotest supplements, I take gluscosamine chondroiton and fish oil on a regular basis. Very much looking forward to Biotest’s EFA supplement.

I LOVE Low-Carb Grow! But I also use other protein powders sometimes. My favorite besides Grow! is Nitrean from at Large Nutrition-mixes well and tastes good. Grow!'s my favorite, but some variety is nice. However, nothing beats Grow! for a pre-bed meal.

Maximum Strength HOT-ROX
Low-Carb Grow!

Current Goal is Fat Loss while retaining (hopefully gaining a few pounds) of LBM. I just started cutting a few weeks ago, and will continue until about Thanksgiving.