What System

There have been numerous debates on this site arguing whether some workout or nutrition system “works”. (Parillo was the latest). What is being missed in the debates is that almost any system, or diet, or workout will “work” for someone (especially if they have made the decision to a)change and b)bring about that change by using a particular regimen, workout or diet).

Shouldn’t the debate be more a)Is it sound? b) is it healthy? and c)Will something work for the majority of people in a healthy and efficient manner? Your thoughts…

most said with the fewest words in a long long time

I should note “Testosterones” willingness to “revisit” their own recommendations, analyze AND criticize a workout or diet that they may have had on their site (or even AUTHORED!), and to always keep us on the “leading edge”. How many “gurus” have you seen modify SIGNIFICANTLY their recommendations when presented with new information and data? Not many!