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What Syringe Size for EOD/Daily?

I have 30G 1mL 5/16" that I use for 2x a week injections (100mg), but thinking about trying EOD or even daily.

Are there syringes out there that make it easier to measure such small doses?

Any help would be appreciated~

Not much smaller than that. They make 31 gauge, but I doubt you would notice the difference.

I believe you are asking if they make syringes smaller than 1mL? I guess why do you need something smaller? If you’re injecting ED at 28.57mg (200/7) its either .28ml (100mg per 1mL) or .14ml (200mg per 1mL) and thats pretty easy on the 1mL syringe.

They do sell 1/2mL/cc syringes just not sure you need one:

I have some Hamilton syringes ranging in size from 0.025mL to 0.1 mL. I wouldn’t recommend them as they are fairly expensive (I think around $50-$100 each), and too small. I got them when the RND lab at my last job threw them away.

0.5 mL is the smallest I’ve seen in an economy syringe.

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If you’re going to do EOD or ED, I’d try using insulin syringes and doing subQ injections.

Thanks, yeah I already do subq. I see that they make 1/2 mL now, thank you.

I know it’s possible to use the 1mL syringes I have, but I thought it’d be nice to make it more accurate. There is always a little bubble I can’t ever seem to get out, which doesn’t help.

cool, thanks. I figure if I need to buy more syringes, I might as well buy some that suit me better

I always seem to have the bubble as well. I just don’t worry about it. I figure if it happens every time is is about the same amount. I don’t worry about being exactly precise. I take 150mg per week split into 3 50mg doses. If it actually turns out to be 145 or 155 I am not too worried about it.

Oil is not meant to be injected sub q just like suspension is not meant to be injected IM.