What Supps with TRT Regimen?

Hey Guys, I’m new to the site and to TRT. Seems like a great forum w/ great info.

Here’s my deets:

6’0 195, 39 years old
Started TRT last week due to my labs

Total Testosterone - 451
Free Testosterone - 72
Estrodial - 17
Free T3 - 3.4

So, my regimen is probably similar to a lot of yours:
50 ML TestEthan 2x week
60 ML HCG 2x week
25 MG Clomiphene per day

So, here’s my question. My doctor is recommending a battery of OTC supplements to use during the TRT process. They are somewhat expensive, so I’m trying to get opinions from others whether they feel these are truly beneficial or fluff. If you have an opinion, please let me know what you think:

-Omega 3 Fish Oil
-CoQ10 (100mg/day) for antioxidants
-DIM (200mg/day) for estrogen control
-Vitamin D (5000IU’s/day)
-Trans-Resveratrol (200 mg/day) for antioxidants/prostate



clomid… + testosterone… + hcg… uhmmmmm… I am not sure where to go with this… I am not the expert when it comes to clomid so hopefully someone else will step in with some more detailed feedback why this is all wrong…

the tests results are pretreatment, correct?

for your question, yes, all of those vitamins are good solid choices (especially the vitamin D3). but people can have different reactions to each, so start off slow. add one at a time see how you do for a week or so before adding the next.

Thanks Purechance on the advice re: the OTC supplements.

Yep, those are my pre-treatment lab results.

Yeah, if anyone has any negative feedback on the Test+HCG+Clomid protocol, please let me know, as I would be very interested.

there is a ton of information on this site, just do a search for clomid + hcg and see what pops up while you wait for others to chime in (get ready for slams against your doc).

thanks Purechance… I’ll go check it out now (nervously)…