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What Supps to Take for General Health?


Hello, I just found this place on google and figured I'd ask here...

I am 23, I'm about 6 ft 1 and I weigh about 140 lbs

I have a very fast metabolism and have a very difficult time gaining weight (to the point where I stopped attempting to work out..)

so I am just wondering what types of supplements I should take (vitamins and the like) for general health... I've read that multi vitamins are a scam (absorption and whatnot) and I have been told by doctors that I need to work on my nutrition (but was unable to see what I was lacking)

My eating habits aren't the best.. no breakfast to speak of (occasionally some dorito's or some sort of candy from the work vending machine or a pop tart) almost every day for lunch I go to black angus and eat an 8oz sirloin steak, baked potato (just butter) and a decent helping of broccoli... and then at night I go to some random fast food whenever I get hungry again...

I have been looking to get a testosterone booster, as well as some vitamins.. just need guidance on what to get...



The problem isn't supplements or your "metabolism", its your diet. If you can't think of anything wrong with doritos for breakfast and fast food everyday for dinner there probably isnt any hope for you.

Is this a joke?


What I take:
-Calcium, Vit D, and Magnesium (Don't drink milk or eat a lot of dairy)
-Vitamin C
-Fish oils

Are you trying to gain weight or just seaking general health? Please DO NOT waste your money on test boosters. I have and had nothing to show for it in the end, just me tho. I didn't have a well established diet when taking them and by the sounds of it you don't either. With what you described, your eating habbits add diet need A LOT of work.


Strictly answering the question of what supps for general health:

A good multivitamin
Fish oils
Vitamin D

That's really about it.


I was just speaking for general health and giving additional information, and if someone threw in something about gaining weight its not like id mind it... I know my eating habits suck, but I don't have a whole lot of time for much of a breakfast... But I'm gonna look up more ideas ... I also for some reason dislike more types of food than most people I know =\


Start liking nutritious food if possible. At least a couple additional types.


If you have a blender, you could grind up some oatmeal, natural peanutbutter, protein powder and milk at night. Solid 1000 cals right there from all whole food sources. Throw in a cup or two of coffee if you want, it actually tastes pretty good.

Drink 2 of these a day, skip the doritos, eat your lunch, and have a better dinner. Add a solid lifting routine 4 or 5 days a week and there is no way you won't gain some muscle.

As far as general health supplements, definitely look into fish oil.


my health supps are:

vit d (2000iu/day)
Flameout (3/day)
superfood (1 scoop/day)
elitepro (1 in the morning + 2 after lifting + 2 zma at night)
8 hours of sleep

...i also take some vit c and a few extra elitepro if i think i'm coming down with something.

as far as gaining goes, overstand hit the nail on the head with liquid calories. beef, eggs, and 'taters are also favorites around here.


if you dont have time for breakfast, BE BETTER ORGANISED AND WAKE UP EARLIER


Your self thinking of "don't have a whole lot of time for much of a breakfast..." is going to keep you from good general health and possibly gaining weight. Unless YOU change YOUR mind you aren't going to reach your "goals". People can say this and that but it's up to you in changing.

I've been in your shoes man, I am finally starting to get out of them...


testosterone boosters wont do anything for you if youre not even getting enough calories or healthy fats to support optimal hormone production in the first place.

start with a basic multivitamin with some fish oil and vitamin d.


Health real whole foods, with both veggies and fruit (berries mostly)
Magnesium Glycinate
Zinc Gluconate
Fish Oil
Vitamin D
A quality multi

These are the mainstays, but focus on quality food first


Originally I would take a good multi vitamin, and multi mineral with cod liver oil and flaxseed oil. Gradually the following added themselves onto the list, Cal-mag, C, D3, Chorella, Barley grass, Animal pak Vits, dissercted liver, B1, B6, E, C0q10, and I can't even remember what else...
I'm sure it was, or at leas something on there was giving me spots-I suspect the BCAA's in the animal pak, I have quite sensitive skin so I've eliminated all of it until my skin clears up then I'm reverting back to my more basic protocol.

My conclusion is that more is not more with vitamins and health food supplements. Not like protein and food when bulking.

I now avoid dairy and wheat and try to keep carbs to a minimum, although I have a sweet tooth and food tolerance testing shows I tolerate sugar quite well, so if I have a cookie or a bun in the day I don't worry too much abou it LOL.



in case youre interested, nearly every pre workout product or bcaa ive ever taken gave me spots on my face. since then ive added 10,000iu of vitamin A, 400iu of E and 50mg of zinc a day and i can take anything now without my face getting aggravated.


Fast metabolism? Are you bullshiting? Do you have any idea how many calories you should be eating just to maintain and then how many you'd have to eat to notice progress with a 6'1" male frame? Here's a clue, you aren't even eating half of that.

Start reading the nutrition articles on here along with the training ones.


WOW 6'1 and 140 geez you must hate your metabolism.

I suggest seeing a doctor first and getting it checked because you could have an underlying issue.

But try eating more food and forcing it down also you could buy weight gainers. Mix one with bananas and oats.


Why are people even taking this post seriously?


Thanks. Isn't that about 8g of cod liver oil a day? I was taking about 4g and easily getting the E and the Zinc. I will try that when I start re introducing supplements into my diet-much appreciated.


Just watched that avatar for about five minutes!

I used to weigh about 155LB at 6.2 foot. OP just needs to start eating seriously.


Yes he does. But vibe of his OP is, "I'm a lazy sack of shit...lol...anyone know of a quick fix?" I'm surprised so many posters even considered a serious response.