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What Supps For DURING The Workout!


I'm looking for something that will give me a sustainable source of nutrients and energy to get me through long workouts. I usually train for 2hrs 4 times a week. I take a protein shake before and creatine after I lift. I usually drink water during my workout but would like something better.

I've seen some guys on NO-Explode. That any good?


A nice complete meal prior including some complex carbs. A surge type beverage during very dilute giving a constant flow of carbs and easily up taken protein. BCAA's would be a great choice as well and a carb beverage



NO supplements have time and time again been proven to do absolutely nothing except extract money from your bank account. The only thing I would recommend is some type of drink that has Carbs, protein, and some BCAA in it.

Surge tastes ridiculously awesome and has the best stuff in it, in my opinion. Low Carb dieters may want to only use a half serving and add extra protein/BCAA. 2 hr workouts could definitely benefit from carbs though.

They sell this stuff called Accelerade now which has a 4:1 carb:protein ratio. I guess this is alright but its a distant runner up to Surge(no BCAA, slower acting carbs and protein, more expensive)


regarding no-xplode, look up the article on nitrous oxide and arginine supplements. Also, look up the one on muscle milk and glycocyamine. From what i remember, no-xplode is a big bunch of caffeine with a little creatine, glycocyamine and arginine.


I heard NOX makes your wallet shredded.

BTW, there was an article on here about 8 wks ago, an interview with an endurance cyclist - he spoke of consuming BCAAs during races instead of whey...


For me - nothing. It's just a distraction. Pre- and post-workout nutrition is very important though.

Now I've heard reputable coaches recommending BCAA during workout. I will try that one day.


Surge & BCAA's pre, during, and post.

Just say no to NO.


he summed it up real well

maybe mix some BCAA's with a lil gatorade to give u a cheap protein/carb mixture..

or if you can take 1 litre of water and 1 scoop of Surge.. works like a charm


yeah look at me, i take 25g or more bcaa's during my workouts and haven't improved worth shit. definitely go for the bcaa's!




Just take a quick look at lifter85's post history. He's painfully bitter and full of excuses.


I totally agree. And for a few reasons besides the T-Nation articles that have been cited.

  1. I empirically measured how much additional "pump" arginine AKG gave me by measuring my arms after a workout with AAKG and without it and the increase in circumference (1/2 inch) was the same. So it really had no effect whatsoever.

  2. Money in general can be best spent elsewhere anyways.

  3. Let's pretend that it DID increase blood flow. You get slightly faster nutrient delivery, and somewhat better O2 delivery. So what? The nutrients and oxygen can easily get there regardless, so what's the point?

Don't just say no, but HELL no to NO.


Something that has really worked for me the past few months is combining 10g creative with Gatorade powder for consumption during my workouts. I've noticed an increase in energy, hit PRs in each powerlifting lift and still have cash in my wallet.

You can modify the recipe if you are watching your sugar intake but if you are looking for strength gains, this seems to work. Also, try Surge. (wow, what an original statement for this site).