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What Supps for 18 Year Old??

Hey guys, Just wondering if I could get some good help on the subject of Supps. Im 18 years old, height= 196cm weight= 230 lbs. I lift 5 times a week and eat clean except maybe a cheat meal per week. I have been lifting for 2 years now and seem to have put on good size.

I take plenty of protein and eat heaps. I read on here about a lot of people taking BCAA’s and Tribulus. Im not shore if its just that im down in Australia but we havent heard much of this? I was talking to Chris “the real deal” Cormier when he just came down here and he said most professional bodybuilders only take a few things. Creatine, Protein and fat strippers.

Could anyone tell me what things like BCAA’s and Tribulus are going to do for me and why they take them ect. Much appreciated…

Tribulus is a plant that you eat in capsules and what it does is contains a chemical that tells your nuts to produce more testosterone. Search for information on tribulus on here theres quite a bit