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What Supps Do You Take & Why?

 I want to know what you guys take and Why.  I like new ideas and would like a little critique of my own supplement intake.

 A little background I'm  22 yrs old 5'11 205lbs 15% body fat( coming from a lot higher percentage and still gaining strength)  I have been lifting for years but I have only trained smart for about a year.  I want to get stronger while improving my athletic performance and looking better with my shirt off.

Right now my diet is following the Carb Cycling Codex article (with a weekly deficit of about 5000 cals). My diet is pretty clean I am strict with myself only indulgence is occasional glass or red wine before bed.

I'm training on Coach Thib's Beast building program ( one week left of Phase 2) I do abs 4 days a week alternating between functional core strength and what I call 6 pack abs days. For cardio, I do a 1 or 2 long slow runs (3-5) miles a week and do interval runs or 400m sprints 1-2 days a week. Also 1-2 days Ill do circuits which involve the V-Burn challenges (from Velocity diet) with added tire flipping , ply-metric jumps, or beating tire with sledge hammer.

For supplements I don't count veggie shakes, fish oil, flax, or protein they are like food.  I do have a few rules for what I take:

1 Is it something I can't get enough of in my diet?
2 Does it work? (good research or from past experience)
3 Does it align with my current goals?
4 Is it safe? (limited side effects)
5 Is it cost effective in relation to all above questions?

Here is what I'm taking now:

HOT-ROX Extreme - Keeps me burning the most fat I can and wakes me up. (take in morning only)

Beta alanine- Love this supp seems to help with all parts of my training and seems to have a good thermogenic effect too. (take morning and pre-workout)

Vitamin C- cheap supposed to help with CNS recovery and block cortisol (take 2000mgs pre/post workout)

BCAAs- cheap and the extra amino acids have a lot of benefit during workouts

Creatine (mono)- cheap and maybe helps with strength mostly makes my muscles look full (post workout only)

Pre workout is 25grams whey with stuff listed above. Post workout is stuff listed above with either 50gms waxy maize or maltodextrin and 50gms whey.

For all my supps I always take the minimum dose because its still effective since I'm young. Lately ive been taking the last week of every month and dropping the HOT-ROX, beta alanine, and creatine. Seems to keep the low dose effective and makes my supps last 25% longer.


Hopefully there won’t be a problem with me naming brands

Breakfast- Animal Pak multi vits + fish oils
Pre workout - 15-20 mins before vasocharge pump up drink 2 scoops and 1 tablespoon or teaspoon of Taurine.
10 mins before + during - BCAA mix + complex carb mix
Post workout- 2.5 scoops of BCAA mix. Then 4 scoops of weightgainer.
Then a package of animal pak multi vits + fishoils with my suppa.

I’m a chemical soldier :slight_smile:

EDIT: I take the Multi vits because there’s very few people who get every nutrient they need, and this brand has everything…and makes your pee highlighter yellow ( KICKASS). I take the vasocharge because it does a great job of pumping me up and its supposed to be stacked with xtend. I also take BCAA’s just because they help prevent muscle breakdown and are great for you.


How helpful is the taurine?


I take caffine in the form of coffee, because it makes me happy :slight_smile:


[quote]DeadliftDave wrote:
How helpful is the taurine? [/quote]

I take it because it’s just like glutamine. It kinda works like creatine, it expands the cells and helps them retain more water, thus expanding the cells. The expanded muscle cells boost hydration and stimulates better protein synth, plus why not? Doesn’t hurt :slight_smile:


Protein, Creatine, Fish Oils, Greens, Ephedrine and Caffiene when I’m cutting, that’s about it.