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What Supps Do You Recommend?


IM growing and my diet is well in check getting my cals and im eating the correct foods. Im gaining about 1 to 2 pounds a month of muscle. What supplements do you guys recommend for me I need to put on about 20 more pounds of lean mass. I take Creatine, Protein, and have Surge Workout Fuel. Money is not an issue. Thanks


Money is no issue? Really? Then go buck wild. I've always wanted to try a high dose of Se7en, but the dose I want to experiment with would be prohibitively expensive.

If money is no object, you can use tons of protein and eat shit tons of good food. Steak, vegetables, mmmm. Personally, I can't wait to not be a starving student so I can eat actual meat again.

Edit: Oh, and I also recommend a moderate-to-high daily dose of l-carnitine-l-tartrate, which is kind of pricy.


I would save your money. You're putting on 2 lbs of muscle monthly, thats great. Keep doing what you're doing.


Yea bro no price when it comes to gaining muscle for college ball thats my future cant mess around with that/


I know im pretty happy but I have to be at college July 31sth so I need to gain mass quickly, and no way in hell am I taking steroids


Need is an interesting verb. What requires this need? Or do you want to gain 20 pounds of lean mass like 98% of us? I'm not trying to be a dick...just curious if there really is a need. If so, it will make your thread a little more interesting.


Jnz actually there is a need hell I wanna look good too, but im a Defensive Tackle and I need to meet weight requirements man. Ill be going against O line men that are 6'5+ 300 + my 265 frame right now isnt gonna cut it. No offense taken by the way.


Cool. Now you're much more interesting.

20 lbs of lean mass in just over three months is a pretty lofty goal man. I'm no expert, but there are plenty of guys here to help you along. Have you already got a scholarship offer from your college? If so, I'm sure they will be more than eager to get you on an intense strength and conditioning program.

As for supplements, I'm a big fan of both Surge products, Metabolic Drive, and Flameout. You may want to consider Metabolic Drive Complete since your caloric intake needs to be high. Above all, eat big, lift big, get plenty of sleep....repeat.

Take a look at the following thread:


Bauer played on the DL for Penn State, is pretty much a badass...and a pretty cool guy. He provides a bunch of information regarding training, diet and supplementation that you will likely find useful.


go read Thib's article: "Supplementation for Newbies"


or here's a better idea: don't.

protein, creatine, multivitamin, fish oil = the only 4 supplements you'll need 99% of the time.

(technically they're not a "need" anyway because you COULD get all of them from food, but whatever)


u could throw some glutamine into ur diet, maybe some arginine, some omega 3 tabs, multi vitamins, all the dif kinds of proteins like whey and casein... and tons and tons of food! how do u like the Surge Workout Fuel? ive never really used boosters, tried one from animal and had a great workout....


Its a Juco but I have received a scholarship, as far as supplements im liking the glutamine and multivitamin idea, what kind of plan do you guys recommend if I were to purchase some? glutamine pre workout?


OK by the way Jnz that dudes massive I actually want to look like that and almost have his frame same height as well


I do like it, I notice on days I dont use it I wont get as many reps with weights id get while on the stuff.


I would rec Surge Recovery drink post workout ad some casien by ON to take right before you enter your 8 hour fast at night. A multi-vit is a must...should have been on that from the get go....good luck with your goals Future HOO RAH!!!