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What supplements Will help rehab and strengthen joints please?

Hello, i have problems with pulling my biceps, the pulls are minor but they leave a knot of scar tissue, a pull when i was natural still causes irritation 8 years later. I wondered if Glucosamine, and MSM would strengthen this problem,and would like to ask how long it takes, and how doyou know? Do aches fade away alot? Also would a long period of high reps approx 15 be a good idea and really slowly ease into heavy weight? I haven’t trained since the end of November and have lost 30 pounds.

I take NOW brand Glucosamine, and MSM Joint Support and it helps very little. Nothing works like MAG-10 or 4-AD-EC. A week after I start the 2 a day dosing the pain is gone. I don’t know if the stuff causes fluid retention or what. All I know is that it works.

Hi, TestHead. If I could add to what Ballsack has said, you’re a prime candidate for ART. ART (Applied Release Technique) borders on the miraculous for your type of condition. Go to the article archive and do a search on Leahy, the guy who created ART and come to your own conclusions.

In answer to your question, MSM and glucosamine chondroitin are usually paired together for JOINT conditions. They help with the repair and regeneration of cartilage, not quite your problem. However, try just straight MSM by itself at a dosage of about 5g twice per day, upon rising and at dinner. Don’t take it too late in the day as it is somewhat stimulatory and can cause difficulty with sleeping. That’s one you can take internally. Externally, I’d recommend Traumeel or Traumed (basically the same product, different name/generation).

I really don’t think supplements are going to do that much for you. They may provide you some analgesic relief, but you still need to get to the root of the problem and get things fixed.

Good luck to you!!! Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Hey man sorry for the late reply. I am English so we don’t have ART over here, in fact physiotherapy and sports injury treatment is VERY poor. I had a prolapsed disc miscdiagnosed by 3 surgeons 4 years later it is getting acute and I need a fusion. I’m looking for a total rehab at the moment. I have been in touch with the British weight-lifting association and one of the top benchers says the standard massage, acupuncture then 20 mins of ultrasound once a week for amonth if something pulls. BUT knots etc area part of weightlifting and just be careful.

I would recommend some NONI juice. It is natural COX-2 inhibitor, it may not cure you but it can help from further damage. Plus, Cetyl-Myristoleate helps my knees better than anything else and I have had 3 ligament reconstructions. But I cannot see MAG-10 or anything else along those lines do anything for joint pain. And dont forget the EFAs, these are important in joint health as well.

Tampa, you mean ‘Active Release Techniques’.

Why take Noni juice (which hasn’t been proven to do a thing other than lighten your wallet) when you can just take an OTC COX inhibitor like an NSAID?

I could see where mag-10 may help, most likely the path deca takes to “lube” joints.

DOCT- I knew when I saw your name on the responses you would have something negative to say about a natural product. Im just giving helpful suggestion on stuff I have used and like. So then, why dont you tell us what we need to take that is PROVEN to work and has no side effects. What have you used? Or (asuming you are a real doctor) do you just prescribe everything without taking it and without really KNOWING that it works? Again, I have tryed the stuff I suggested and I am happy with the results, take it or leave it :slight_smile:

NSAIDs can cause gastrointestinal bleeding-STRIKE ONE DocT.

No need for the attitude, DaStudent.

I’ve looked at the available information about Noni juice, and there’s nothing to speak of. Are you presenting anything to refute that?

And this notion of “no side effects” doesn’t exist. There is NO medication in the world that doesn’t have side effects. I fail to see your point. I also fail to see why you felt the need to insult me in your post. I don’t always have something “negative to say about a natural product.” I have negative things to say about unproven products when there are well-researched products that are already on the market. I already gave you my answer. What more do you want?

And, yes, I prescribe things all the time that I haven’t taken. Again, I fail to see your point. Should I get on birth control pills for a while to “prove” they’re safe?

You tried it and you liked it. Congrats. Lots of people tried HMB and “liked it” too. The placebo effect is a wonderful thing.

As long as you’re happy…

Show me anything worth using w/out any side effects.Its not going to happen. As far as scripts go, they all will have a 4 page list of "possible side effects.Hell even asprin lists bleeding as a side effect.

plus, i like my "Hollywood Diet "juice better than Noni anyway

But DocT, haven’t you been reading up on your Noni-juice info?

It does EVERYTHING, and it does it all well- cures cancer, joint pain, improves your sex life, hair growth, brainpower, muscle hypertrophy even. Let’s just forget all these other meds, and just switch to noni juice. In fact, it might be expensive, but I also heard that when you’re using it you don’t need to eat. …Bargain!! :-))

With rostral lingua pushed firmly into left buccal mucosa… SRS