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What Supplements While On TRT

Been on TRT for 4 months now with good results. Wondering what supplements are best or most needed for men on TRT.
I am thinking flamout of course and ZMA. But any others that might help the test do its job or any others that might help any side effects of TRT?

I understand the question. But the larger issue is your sense of well-being and vitality. So that raises the question of whether your TRT is being done right and then the lab data.

What side effects of TRT are you thinking about or experiencing?

Have you read the stickies?

What supplements are you using now?

high potency B complex multi vit and minerals including iodine [150mcg RDA is good, but not sufficient]
use iodized salt or iodized sea salt [or an iodine supplement] [there is no iodine in sea salt or 'rock salts]
fish oil for EFA’s can add nuts and flax seed or oil [very important]
Vitamin C, E and other anti oxidants
5,000 vit-D3 in oil caps
healthy fats such as olive oil

If homocysteine or CRP is up, or blood pressure:
CoQ10, ubiquinol type, 50 mg. If using a statin drug, you might be better with 100mg.
DHEA as needed.

Use 25 DHEA is DHEA-S is below mid range, increase if later labs show that you need more. Take this and any other hydrophobic items with meals that are higher in fats/oils. Never with oat meal or other high fiber low fat meals.

Ideal is 180 and HDL should be higher, items above support that. 200 is better than 160. Total cholesterol at or below 160 is associated with increased all-cause mortality, and with that, all of the steroid hormone systems can suffer. Statin drugs reduce your CoQ10 production in your liver, a serious concern!

Best is to get bloodwork first and then supplement if you are not optimal in some vitamin. For example, I was considering vitamin B supplementation recently because of antacid use but my blood work showed me already close to the top of the range, so supplementing would have been a mistake.

For B12 or folate? Then one still needs vitamins.