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What Supplements to Bulk Up?


What Supplements do I need to bulk up? How much will it cost me?



You don't need any, though there are some helpful ones.


Food, prices vary.


so why do people buy supplements?


to supplement their diet


seriously though, to supplement their diet, or make up for a poor diet (in this case lack of calories), look for a quick easy fix,


what about Indigo-3G?


what do you expect from a generic ass question with no background? Such a question leads one to believe the OP has bigger fish to fry, figuratively and literally.


You will get as many answers as people. Seriously.

Just get your diet, program and sleep in place, then take what you want. They are just supplements.

Any of the supplements in the store is more then enough.

And what about Indigo-3G? Read the live spill. Its been going on for months. Make up your own mind.

Oh, sorry to say, no magic pill exist.


why is it so expensive?


If you have to ask why it's so expensive, you haven't researched it or the company enough. Some supplements are very expensive and, for that reason, are probably more of an advanced supp.

If you are asking such open ended and broad questions, it probably means you have a deficit in your basic diet/program/goal setting structure and need to square those away before you can supplement.

Think of it as a house. You have to have the foundation, bricks, mortar, roof, etc. (diet/program to meet goals) Before you can move onto what kind of lighting you're going to use in the bathroom (Indigo 3G or other advanced supps).. if that makes any sense.


OK thanks. I searched the supplement but could not find any studies? I will do more research about the company on Google.


Stick to tried and tested supplements. A good masss gainer.a good whey protein. Old school creatine.. Good multi vit. I ceratainly would buy Indigo-3G before its been around for longer and has review outside of just T-Nation


ok ok. what about fish oil?


I've been taking Flameout and FA3 twice a day for the past ~90 days. I am extremely happy with the results. Metabolism seems to have improved as well as a reduction in inflammation in my joints. I honestly think I've gotten a little leaner as well and this is the only thing I've changed in my routine over that time frame. Just my 2 cents...

The creatine from here is probably the best deal on any supplement I have ever seen. 5g a day of creatine monohydrate goes a long way.



you need a whey protein. Thats given, a casein doesnt hurt and is great for late night jobs and taking before sleep, fish oil is lovely on your joints and good for your heart, animal flex is GREAT for your joints, a PWO if you need it but if youre over 200lbs they arnt as effective IMO, a post work out is great (Surge PWO here on T-Nation) is completely worth the money and a great PWO but a whey protein can suffice as well, other than that BCAA's are good, you can look into other shit and yeah im on the same boat about Indigo-3G, looks awesome but waiting to see more reviews outside of T-Nation.


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OK... Why not just drink liquid fish oil?


Why not just eat live salmon from a creek?


Yea I could do that too. But I would have to eat a lot no? Isn't it more concentrated in liquid fish oil?