What Supplements Should a Beginner Take?

Mind listing your list for supplements you took as a beginner? Will go shopping this weekend…

Fish oil, a super food or greens supplement and some protein. Whole foods are what I recommend putting the bulk of the “supplement” money toward. Don’t get caught up in supplements until you are more advanced or closer to your goal. People get to wrapped up in the next fancy pre workout or the flashiest bcaa. Don’t get me wrong, the supplements can help. They aren’t essential unless you can’t acquire a certain micro or macronutrient from real food. The foods are always what will yeild best results.

Fish oil is very beneficial however, it supplies a lot of EPA and DHA for all body inflammation, cognitive function, joint support, etc.

A greens supplement is very helpful at providing a ton of vitamins, minerals, alkalizing agents, detoxifying properties, etc.

The protein powder are good bang for buck to reach your protein goals, they are also fast digesting (some more then others such as iso, hydrolyzed). Stick with a whey protein, read the ingredients list, the fewer ingredients means better. Just do your research and I think you’ll find a good one.

I am no pro by any means, but I hope this info helps. As someone who wasted hundreds of dollars in my younger years on gimmick supplements, I find it my duty to provide the right info to the beginners.

As a beginner, I would focus on building good dietary and eating habits towards your goals.

If you have extra cash to spend and just really want to buy supplements, then…

  • a basic protein blend (blend of whey isolate, concentrate, egg albumin, casein, etc)

  • fish oil

That would be all I would suggest. The greens suggestion above is a good one too if you don’t get enough vegetables in your diet. Just remember nothing trumps good quality food in your diet. Quality food will give you the best results over any dietary supplement.

What I took:

  1. Whey protein - if you start counting calories and macros you will see how helpful it can be in addng protein for a low calorie cost.

  2. Caffeine pills - much more affordable and just as effective as pre-workout powder, without the jittery side effects

  3. Creatine - I waited until the weights got challenging, but it definitely made a difference for size and strength. Its good for about 4 lbs of weight gain for me.

  4. Multivitamin (for general health)

  5. Fish Oil (for heart and joint health)

  6. ZMA - not really necessary, but helps for more restful sleep if you can’t always get 6-8 hours.

would you invest on tboosters? what’s your take on that?

Most test boosters on the market are way to costly for minimal benefit. They don’t raise your testosterone a noticeable amount, unless your testosterone levels are already low. So for what it’s worth, I’d save money on that as well unless the benefit out weighs the high cost.

Just eat right + whey protein

Whey protein because its pretty difficult with modern lifestyles (at least I find it) to ingest the required amount of protein per day

Oh yea, and you need to track calories and macronutrients. Its not just for fitness models.