What Supplements/Food to Replicate Hot-Rox?

What supplements/food to take to replicate Hot-Rox???

I am saddened that Hot-Rox is discontinued; I have use this product for YEARS!!!

Based on some research to replicate Hot-Rox, I should drink a ton of coffee and take Carbolin 19. Some other posts mentions Indigo-3G.

Should I pair Carbolin 19 and Indigo-3G together?

What [thermo] supplement is on the market that comes close to Hot-Rox?

You can stack Carbolin-19 and Indigo-3G, no problem.

There’s some evidence that spicy, peppery foods have a thermogenic effect, but I don’t think we can say that it’s the same as taking a targeted fat burner.

How’s your protein intake? I have an article coming out in a few weeks about the thermogenic effects of protein – some new discoveries. In a nutshell, researchers had a bunch of overweight men and women consume either 30 or 50 grams of protein. After, they measured their metabolic rates for over five hours. The group who consumed 50 grams of protein experienced a sweet boost in metabolic rate. The thermic effect was 34% higher than that of the group eating just 30 grams of protein.

We often don’t think of protein as a “fat burner” but it certainly is with a larger per-sitting dose.

Plus members can see the full article now:


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What the hell? Discontinued?!
I got a free bottle of Hot-Rox a year or two ago, and while i didn’t take it regularly, it was an excellent mood-booster. Literally i would feel happy and confident… would love to know what was in it.
Didn’t even finish the bottle, it got thrown away when we moved:(

Hot-Rox was my “Go To”…super sad that its discontinued. Hope they bring it back or develop a supplement just like it.