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What Supplements Do People Like These Days?

i trust my magnesium and creatine. I feel them.

But for the vitamins and omega i would like to know what is really absorbed…

Whey, ZMA, fish oil, baby aspirin are staples.
I take blood pressure meds and a statin like most big, old guys.

I don’t trust many “formulas”. I do my research on Pubmed and Google Scholar and maske my own “formulas”. If it’d botanicals, I use standardized products. I try to use those that are G.M.P certified. I vbuy bulk when I can, anf then I try to buy from companies that use 3rd party lab testing. I’ve been at this for about 30 years and when I stick with it, I get good results Good luck with your program.

so what you take ?

Cody Miller (Olympic Gold / Bronze medalist for 100 Breast in Rio) recently talked about supplements and the supplements he takes. In a nutshell, they are important at that level when you are chasing that final 0.5% improvement that makes the difference between making the US Olympic Team or not, or making the Olympic final, chasing tiny gains. But that’s only after all your other ducks are in a row. You are eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, are consistently performing at a high level.

There’s also the matter of training load. I dunno how much you train, but Cody is sometimes doing 4 workouts a day, (2 swims, weights and dryland) and he’s doing that pretty consistently all year at an intensity that supports his specialty, which are events lasting only 1 to 2 minutes.

I don’t eat well enough, get enough sleep or train hard enough to even consider whether supplements would have any beneficial effect.

Well, I would say that my sport probably doesn’t have the level of competition/popularity that his does (hard to know), but in my sport/weight class (lightweight strongman), that is essentially the level I compete at. At my best I’ve been a top 5 competitor in the world.

My training load is different because my sport is different, but I would guess that my training often involves higher intensity and lower volume than his does over the course of a week. Strongman events are also in the 2 minutes or less range, so that part is similar.

I’m curious what supplements he says he found to be important for him? Do you remember?

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are you sleeping 7-9 hours every night ?