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What Supplements are Suggested with TRT?

Can someone tell me or point me in the right direction on supplements? 50 years old and I’ve been on TRT for 5 weeks now after several years on clomid. Since the TRT protocol with my urologist is pretty dated (200 mg T Cip every 14 days), I’ve started with Defy. Had my lab tests this past Wednesday, so I haven’t met the the doctor yet. Can someone tell me or point me in the right direction on supplements?

I take a multivitamin ( ADAM™ Men’s Multivitamin with Saw Palmetto, Plant Sterols, Lycopene & CoQ10) and Glucosamine/Chondroitin( Arazo Nutrition Glucosamine Chondroitin Turmeric MSM Boswellia) already.


You should be taking 400mg daily CoQ10, Omega 3 fish oil, and a multivitamin. I have been on TRT for 2.5 years and started TRT with an iron, ferritin, vitamin D deficiency and now potassium and always wonder why I was more fatigue with the higher total testosterone.

TRT can deplete you of many core vitamins and minerals so it’s a must to check all the bare essentials, magnesium is another one that can get depleted.

The endocrinologists and urologists usually do not work out well for men looking to go on TRT, the medical system turned away from TRT 70 years ago do to false prostate cancer studies and the stigmata surrounding steroids.

Defy is a good option for those unable to locate local face to face doctor visits. Dr. Saya is king and many say a leading TRT physician.

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It seems a lot of the good vitamins, also help too much in red cell production. Vit A, B12, folate, Vit D, Vit E. How bad can this be for high hematocrit/rbc guys?

how bad can what be?

How bad can it be for raising your red bloods cell production up even more. And increasing hematocrit. Taking these vitamins.

oh man, I was hoping thats not what you meant cause the list of vitamins and sups I take is huge and I you look at my recent labs my rbc is high

ashwaganda, multivit, vit d , vit k , ubiquinol (coq10), p5p(stopping due to potential headaches) Argentine, zinc, mushrooms, magnesium, fish oil / omega supp and there’s a few more !

Well I used to take them all, and then not take them at all. Didn’t make a difference lol. My Hematocrit and RBC went up, up and up…

Best way to search is googling vitamins and supplements that help anemia. If they help anemia, that’s bad for us…

how high? dealing with this now…however just looked at labs from when I was low t last year and I was high on the rbc then as well , not hct but rbc (think int may be due to Thalassemia

Thalassemia is the opposite though. Thalassemia is low hemoglobin and low RBC’s.

hm, I believe there are a few diff variations depending on what your parents had ? im not quite sure though. upon inspecting other labs from before trt I was a high rbc guy then too

How high were they then compared to now?

@whomsmansizthis you are freaking out over nothing. Defy should have told you what supplement to take on your first Dr consult. In most cases its CoQ10, omega 3 fish oil and D3 nothing else.
Why the panic man? You’ve got the best docs in the game treating you. Don’t listen to these randoms on the internet.