What Supplements Are Effective?

What bodybuilding supplements are proven effective…

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2 most effective bodybuilding supplements:

  1. Hard work
  2. Good nutrition

Depends on who wants to sell you what, haha.

In my experience - protein, gainers, creatine, bars etc are effective just as food is.
Pre workout is just as effective as energy drink or lots of coffee.
I do like some pump supps because they do lower BP and i have actually dumped my blood with and without them and i have seen actual bubbles in the blood after i have taken pump supps.

I believe nothing else really works OR maybe i just dont know the right stuff. Honestly, for most people even steroids produce less gains than everyone expects, so what can a natural supp even do.

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Caffeine or preworkout to help get though a workout or push a bit harder. IMO, this one is the most important for me. Protein supplements can be great if you have a tough time getting enough of it.

Those are the ones I use.

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  • Caffeine as a performance enhancer
  • Creatine as a performance enhancer
  • Protein powder for convenience
  • Intraworkout carbs, situationally dependent
  • ZMA for sleep (although it’s no longer working for me!)
  • Beet root powder and nattokinase for blood pressure

Glycine can definitely help with sleep but not for the entire population

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Thanks, I’d never heard of this before. Looks promising; high blood pressure runs in my family so I may add this to my regimen.

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It’s one of the few nonprescription things from which I’ve seen any measurable benefit. Not a ton, but it all helps

Do you mind sharing what brand you take? The choices on Amazon are a little overwhelming.

I’ll look when I get home

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Beet juice or beets is great for blood pressure

Horbaach is what I’ve had.

The beetroot powder has been more effective, if you’re looking to start somewhere

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Of course: good nutrition, consistent well programed trained; BUT… that’s not the question

  1. magnesium- no magnesium = cramps. Note: I eat large quantities of veggies,
  2. 5-htp- VERY noticeable anti anxiety effect → less overall stress → better sleep and training
  3. protein powder- tbh more of a food than a supplement IMO

ZMA is the only supplement that I know works for me. The quality of sleep I get on it is so much better than when off it.

I also take a multi vit which a lot of studies show are useless but if there’s a chance it helps then why not.

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  • Good Multi-Vit that cover Poor nutriment from 2000’s food.
  • Magnesium glycinate
  • Creatine
  • Vit D because there is no sun in canada :frowning:
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