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What Supplement Should I Take??


I am 43 male who has been doing CT's High Performance mass workout for 10 weeks. I have seen good strength gains but cannot afford the Anaconda Protocol. I have been using Creatine and feel like I should change things up. I would like to keep adding muscle but try to lose some more fat. I am 6'1" 206 lbs with 23% body fat. Any suggestions would be great.


What are you looking for? A fat loss product? Pre-workout? Intra-workout? Amino acid product? Have to be a bit more specific.


I am a HS Teacher so I lift at the end of the day. More than likely a Pre or During supplement. Working hard just want to take advantage of that hard work.


There are tons of products for both, everybody has their own preference. Personally, I like superpump max as my pre-workout and size on for intra. Another option would be to take 10g of bcaa's pre, during, and post workout.


Just have some carbs and protein beforehand. Through some whey in some kinda juice. Yer done. No need to spend $5 on just peri w.o. supps.


Xtend is a very popular bcaa product


Before looking at supplementation, what does your daily nutrition look like?