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What Supplement Can Get My Lifts Back Up?


I've been slowly recovering from a back injury that's kept me out of lifting for about a month, and looking for something to help get me back up to speed a little quicker when I'm healed (should be about a week). A little info, I'm 6'3" ~205 lbs training for surfing and basketball. I eat and lift decently and drink protein PWO.

I want to get my compound lifts back up and really focus on explosiveness. Don't want to gain much more weight because my boards will sink and it'll hurt my vertical. Thinking about creatine or Alpha-GPC (how are the Biotest versions?). Any recommendations? thx


never mind i just answered my own question by reading some of the posts.


Alpha-GPC has been incredible (Biotest version) in the program I’ve been on (Thib’s Mechanical Drop Sets). I’m putting up PR’s left, right and center. And all the while with a back that’s always a bit weak on max lifts due to an injury years ago.

In direct relation to back injuries I’ve found Alpha-GPC helps me fire the muscle harder, most importantly the ESG, TVA and the rest of the core so you can do things like deadlifts and bent rows and the corset effect is awesome.

Another example, two weeks ago (not on Alpha-GPC) I attempted 205 on a back squat and failed on 3rd rep because I couldn’t keep my core tight enough in the pocket (good thing for a spotter and rack pins; phew). This week squatted 210 like it was a warm up set.

I am on creatine right now though too so I have to be fair and attribute the combo to my success.