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What Superpower Would You Want?


1)You can only have one-two superpower(s)
- if we can have more than one power people would most likely have "Super healing, flying, super strength, super seductive to the women, super big penis, super silky hair, along with super smooth skin"

My choice - The Flash: Super speed
Reason - I always liked The Flash and would love to know what it would be like to run super fast.


2.Anti gravitational powers

I would combine the both so i can fly without crushing my organs upon landing.


I'd want super-strength like the Hulk and that mind-reading/healing shit that the Martian Manhunter has. I'd know right away which chicks wanted to fuck me without having to put in any legwork and I could just pummel the shit out of everyone who didn't like me but only thought about it.


The Superpower to not want a superpower but to die the death when Im alive.

Because wanting some Superpower or being special is all what the human kind is about.
Then you are mediocre again, who'd want that? :slight_smile:


It'd have to be some sort of immensely powerful telekinesis for me. Like Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix. Because then you can make yourself fly anyway, and move huge objects. And lift troublesome fools off the ground and hold them in place while you batter them with 'mind bullets', or something...


But not everyone in the World is going to comment in this forum so in so facto we have our own T-Nation League going on here. We are the only ones different form the World. Only the ones that comment with a superpower are allowed to be in it. So sorry NumbInfinity, you are just another weak human to crush. .


Mind control and zoom vision.


Invisablility but I'd want to be able to turn it off and on. Second power would be shape shifter. You could do or get anything you want with those.


The Soviet Union


If anyone saw that episode of Fam Guy, I want the super power of growing my fingernails.



yeah i'd go with that x-men power to convince anyone of anything while touching them, cuz its not rape if they agree...


BSN told me No Explode gives people superpowers...true? or is this just another supplement falsehood?


i would want super strength so i could woop some ass. telekinesis stuff so i could read minds, control minds, do stuff without even moving


Hulk like strength and wolverine's healing/never age ability.

I'd be the shit.


shape shifting..in to any person or form

super strength


Clairolfactance: The ability to smell the future. It's not enough information to make you wig out and second-guess yourself constantly, like knowing the entire future, but it's enough to turn aside some everyday problems. Like whether eating at a sketchy restaurant is going to make you shit your lungs out.

The ability to fix anything. Admit it. This would be great.


My hero!


Time Travel to past and future with ability to change things in either realm and eternal life without aging.


One of two ways to go about this... Hulk's super strength and regeneration combined with teleporting (epic)


regeneration from a single cell combined with super strength...

Basically, I want to go balls to the wall and not have to worry about death... flying or teleporting would be a bonus either way....


Your cheating yourself out of a power, Hulk also has healing/never age.

I would want to be a Super Sayan.