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What Style Should I Fight?

What fighting type should I fight. I’m 13, 6ft and still growing. I’m interested in Muay Thai but not sure if I should persue it. I want to learn to fight for doing amateur competition and maybe taking it to a professional or semi professional level.

Find the best teacher in your area and learn what he teaches.

At age 8 I started TKD, at 13 Kung fu. By your age I was able to kick the bottom of a net on a ten foot rim. Decades ago but…
Fact is all it ever did was look cool.
When military time came at age 18 I quickly realized that in an actual fight the pretty moves are worthless.

So the question I have for you is:

JUST to compete, or do you want something that’s practical in an actual fight?

Best I’ve seen for practical is BJJ.

Any of the rest are good for competing for points. If it’s the competing vs fighting you want, find out what Type has the densest population and most tournaments in your area.

If you want practical go for Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

I just want to learn to compete. I have an interest in bjj and submissions so I might choose to do both Muay Thai and bjj

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Muay Thai is badass, no doubt that among the “martial arts” one of the hardest hitting.
I think that combo would be quite good really. MT comes closer to reality than, say TKD or other traditional styles.

Let us know what you find.

Best of luck!