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What Stores Stock Biotest Products?


My brother in law is road tripping round the Memphis - Dallas area in the next few weeks and i'm hoping he can pick me up a load of Biotest goodies to bring back to the UK, what stores should i be asking him to look for?


pf, it would be really hard for your brother to find any supplements in stores, but if you know an address where he might be staying, you could make your order online and have it shipped there.


i have seen some of the older HOT-ROX versions, Alpha Male, a tribulus supp and Fahrenheit (sp?) at a couple vitamin shoppes


This is probably the best bet.

I've heard of some people having deliveries sent to their hotel. Just be sure your bro checks with/alerts the front desk well-beforehand.

Like MAF said, the Vitamin Shoppe by me (in NY) has a very limited and infrequent selection, plus the prices are higher than you'll find online exactly because it's in a store.


Yeah, that always struck me as odd. The few stores that carry Biotest stuff (I've seen at GNC and Vitamin World) only have a few items of the line, and have such laughable mark-ups on 'em that I can't imagine anyone not just ordering online.



Thanks for the replies guys!