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What Steroids Cause Most Hairloss?


Hi i am wondering which steroids cause hair loss more then others? Are the ones that dont cause much size and strength gains but in return less risk on hair loss really worth taking? I am prone to male pattern baldness and have been on propecia from a young age just when the thinking began but propecia brought it back and maintained it which has been great. I am just kinda worried that if i one day try a cycle that the steroid will overpower the DHT blocking propecia and make me go bald :frowning:


From my understanding, I would stick to Testosterone, increase Fina on cycle, and an AI to counter the fina.

Stay away from steroids that don’t convert through the 5AR, because that’s all that Fina blocks.
Deca is supposedly very easy on the hairline, but I would never run it without test.


5AR? and AI? yeha i would increase to like 2mg fina a day instead of 1mg? also what about oral vs injectables? I am not superkeen on stabing myself with injectables every time i take them but i know they cause less side effects. As i wont be doing it for a long time and not professional bodybuilding i think oral would be fine tho. But if orals cause more hairloss then im gonna go strait to injectables, i dont car if it feels like a rusty machete slicing off my butt cheeks.



It seems that Testosterone is the best one but ill need to get some shit for gynocomastica. Deca durabolin is good for people who dont already take propecia apparently but that counts me out.


5AR is what converts Test to DHT. Fina blocks 5AR.

When using Fina you need to take extra precautions with estrogen levels. I’d do something like at least .5mg of Arimidex EOD on cycle.


I’m currently researching fina…seems that it is only effective up to a certain dosage. If fina doesn’t work look into switching do Dutasteride


Hair loss is a user specific issue, even when your prone. But in general, Test w/ DHT blocker, EQ, Var, Tbol, do some research, etc.


i have been on 1mg dosage of fina for a long time i also have a extreamly cheap source if any one is interested. I was paying like $75 a month before i discoverd my cheap source which is nearly a whole year supply for like $120. i also used minoxidil for a while and a laser comb but i got over having to spend 10 minutes apply each one. popin a pill is easy