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What Steroids are Commonly Used by Athletes in Sport?

Hello All,

I’m a graduate student doing a normal research paper on anabolic steroids and could use a list of commonly used steroids in any major sport. This is strictly for use in writing up a paper for an exercise physiology course and I would greatly appreciate all valuable input. Thanks in advance for the time each of you have taken to read this and for your consideration.

Respectfully, DPTapplicant



All of them depending on the sport.


First thought that popped into my head lol I was trying to be nice by not saying it

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None of them. The athletes are all natural. Not to mention the strict testing methods are unbeatable.


Remember the guy who was posting a while ago saying we were all crazy for accusing the majority of professional athletes of PED use lmao.


You cant blame a guy for not believing his hero is drug free.

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You need to be more specific. What sports? Men? Women? Ages?

Short esters steroids, in order to clear blood rapidly.

But there are many ways to pass a test while still being under PEDs. Corruption, not showing up, use of masking agent, using someone else’s fluid, having a “friend” at the local doping agency are just a few ways to get things done…

I think the problem these days is authorities like USADA have really excelled in their testing methods and procedures recently making it hard to use anything they know about. The fact they can detect picogram amounts is crazy. Until recently they could take heavy doses in the off season and then scale back in time for testing. I’m definitely not in the know on this though that was all based from info on a Joe Rogan episode talking about TJ Dillashaw getting caught and one about Jon Jones.