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What "Stage" Am I?


Ok, as a tenured professor I object to your second example. (but I don’t totally disagree with it)


To be fair, I was an army major


Ask the 47 year old also


Lol, you’re training that anorexic chick, right?


Not at all - I don’t believe I said that anywhere in my post.






I like a system where you advance by failing.

Day 1, 100kg lifted = novice
Day 2, 105kg lifted = novice
Day 3, 110kg lifted = novice

Day 15, morning before the gym = novice.
At the gym, 150kg failed lift. Congratulations, you’re an intermediate now.


Do you have anything useful to add or you just enjoy insulting teenage girls? You soyboys. I tried to help her and told her she needs to eat more and cut down on cardio, if she doesn’t want to follow that then I can’t force her.


If you can still add weight to the bar weekly you’re a beginner. Intermediate would be monthly progress and advanced would be 5-25 pounds a year or so. Just keep using beginner/intermediate programs, eat a good bit and don’t worry about your “stage” and you’ll be strong.


I don’t use weights or amount of gains to tell anybody where they are. There are basically 3 categories in the weight room that you train for-

  1. Mass
  2. Fat loss
  3. Strength

Provided your diet and training are on point and without using gear a beginner can usually do all three. When you find yourself only able to accomplish 2 of them you’ve moved into intermediate. When you need to focus on 1 at a time you are now advanced.