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What Split/Program Now?


Hey guys first time post so go easy,
My workouts are really starting to get stale and ive been stuck on the same lifts for a while, so im really considering changing routines and style.

Im currently doing a Fullbody A-B Split and before that I was doing TBT, but im really considering moving onto a 4 day split routine.

Ive recently but a bit of weight around the stomach so im wanting to lose that but I want to but on some size to, I figure by increasing muscle mass Ill prob lose the stomach?

The current workouts im looking at are
Big Beyond Belief
20 Rep squat
Or switching to a 4 day split

Any advice you guys could give would be great.


That is never an excuse, people have lurked years here without posting... And outside the beginner's forum, I'm a firm believer any post or poster is fair game.

What about diet?


Two things:
1) You have gotten fat while training and your lifts are not moving up, so what is the logical explanation for this?
2) The "p" and "b" keys are not even remotely close to each other on my keyboard. Learn the difference between "but" & "put". And learn to '.

I don't think what routine you are doing is the problem.