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What Source/Quality of Meat?


What source and quality of meat do you guys prefer? Right now I'm eating a lot of 99% fat free sliced turkey (comes in zip-lock package) and some part of my subconscious seems to think that that's a terrible choice, of quality and price.


Was eating some bottom round steaks. Cheap. I don't care about natural fat so I can tear up some shit.


I've been doing a lot of pulled BBQ pork or chicken.

on sale for $3/tub at Giant, at least 1 lb worth.


One of the worst choice. For me its grass fed buffalo and beef. And some "natural" bacon. mmmm. Get quality.


I'll check out some butchers. My biggest problem is I only have a mini fridge as I live in a dorm.


I have been eating kangaroo steaks I only just started to buy them so nice !


Can you guys include the price per lb you are paying for said meat?