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What Song Is This


I heard a song at work today that I must have. Unfortunately, I coulnd't hear anything about it, and even the words were hard to comprehend, as I have to wear earmuffs and sometime earplugs as well.

All I can describe is is that it is an ultra-feminine voice singing. The chorus sounds incredibly feminine, like to the point of being angelic, in fact it almost sounds like something you would hear in a movie while entring a church. I heard it on a pop music station, and they normally don't play anything older then the 90's. The tune sounded celtic in beat.

I am sorry I am being so vague, but I can't hear well while running my machinery.
Thanks for your help.


Are any of the lyrics:

"Who can say where the road turns?"

Which might just be the name of the song that I am thinking of.


Was it a woman or did it just sound feminine? As far as modern celtic music played on pop stations probably the most played in the past ten years is Loreena McKennitt's "The Mummers' Dance."

Something else you might try is calling or emailing the radio station, they can probably answer your question.



I bet it was something by Cher.

A more angelic voice cannot be replicated, especially in her "do you believe in love after love" song.

Yep gotta be something by Cher.

In jest,



Gotta' be Enya.


Does anyone know the name of the song in which they sing about love and it has a melody?



Is that the one they play on the Sleeping Beauty movie? It's a love song with a melody... Of course, so is, in a way, Closer by Nine Inch Nails. Which were you thinking of?


let me think.....maybe "I want to fuck the shit out of you" by David Allen Coe?



I'm betting its Enya, maybe "Angelis" or "Carribean Blue", both off of early 90's albums.

Also Barney, I'd recommend her music for you and your girl to listen to. It has a calming effect.


Flyleaf maybe?


I think it is...

or maybe a song called mummers dance.


Definitely going to go with The Mummer's Dance by Lorenna McKennit. She sings Celtic songs, and that particular song had two versions, one soft version on her own album, and then a radio version that they also used on her single CD. She also did the opening song for the movie Jade.

-Seth (not gay, just have two of her CDs)

  • also not Irish


Yeah it from that movie about that thing that happend.


Oh yeah, I know that one, the one with that one guy in it right?


No dude, you're thinking of the one with that OTHER guy, you remember, the one where that thing happened like midway through.


Yeah, thats it.


Yeah the one that goes dud..dudud da da da da daaaaaa. Duda Duda Owwwwww!

Anyone know that one?



I'm thinking Evanescence.


Barney...my money's on

James Blunt 'You're Beautiful'


Nevermind...didn't read the post correctly.

I'm voting evanescence too.