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What Size Screw to Bolt Down a Rep PR5000 v2 Rack?

Hi. I hope this is the right forum. I am crazy excited that my Rep PR5000 v2 Power Rack is coming on Wednesday!!! I have the platform all ready. I even got a custom logo made for the platform.

Quick question, which I cannot find online no matter how many google searches I’ve done- what exact type of screw and specific size do I use to bolt the rack to the platform? I want to have the screws ready for the rack’s arrive on Wednesday. Thanks in advance!

How big are the holes on the mounting brackets?

Anyhoo, I’d lay out the holes (maybe 1/16th larger than the bolts) where it will be mounted on the platform, drill the holes, then use carriage bolts pushed up through the platform, set the rack on the bolts, then use a corresponding nut on the bolt to secure the rack to the platform.

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It says 1" hardware, which seems a bit crazy but this will probably apply to the base as well.

Are you securing to a wooden base or concrete?

I’d probably still wait for the rack to arrive because you want to get decent size washers and sometimes they drill base holes is really shit places which will impact them - then again, washes and screws/bolts are pretty cheap - even at 1"

It says use bulgy screws (expansion bolts) which seem to be included, but that’s probably for floor/concrete mounting.

Do you think it will be just as secure if I got those “screw bolts” (I don’t know what they’re called but you can screw them in with a ratchet)? I think it might be harder to set the rack down, mark the holes and drill, take the rack off, lift up the platform, push bolts through, replace the rack, etc. What do you think?

Lag screws or lag bolts .

How thick is your platform?

If you’re going all the way into concrete, Redheads are the way to go.
Redheads are the bolts that you hammed down into a predrilled hole and then tighten up. There is a nut and washer on the end that sticks out so that you can unbolt the rack if necessary and it leaves a threaded stud sticking up. Very easy to install.

That is not the bolt size, that’s the pins and stuff. Those are maximum 1/2" holes in the base of the rack. They could be tapconned in, but Redheads would be better, and the “Bulgy screws” included are not great. They don’t hold up if well over time and would need to get redone in a few years.

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Hi. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I want to bolt it to my wooden platform. The platform is 2.25" thick (made of three sheets of 3/4" plywood, like you see a lot of people make online).

Does this affect anyone’s answers? Thanks

Nah. I’d still do the carriage bolts and split lock washers.

For wood, this is the best idea. I would also use the biggest stainless steel washers I could find to go against the wood.

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