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What Size Rack Would You Get?

Looking at rack on NYBB.com I have a completely unfinished basement abbout 1100 sq. ft. from the concrete floor to the ceiling (which isn’t finished. just has the rafters and space netween rafters ) it is just a little over 8 1/4 ft.

The 2 racks I like 1 is 7 ft. tall the other is 8 ft. tall. which rack should I go with? I feel like the 7 ft. tall rack is gonna feel like a tiny cage. But am concerned if I get the 8 ft. rack I will hit the beams when I do pull ups. Advice? Suggestions?

Is the 8 1/4 feet to the bottoms of the rafters, or to the sub floor above?

It the 8 1/4 is to the bottom of the rafters, just position the rack so that you do pullups between the rafters.

I’m 6’5" and my rack is around 7 feet and it works fine for me. I think you’ll want the extra room for pullups.

Nothing larger than a C, or smaller than a B. But I’m more of an ass man myself.

It is 8’1/4" from the concrete floor to the very bottom of the rafters.

If I measure from concrete flooring to the base of the sub floor I have another 12" to work with.

I’m leaning towards the 8’ rack and doing pullups into the rafters.

I think I q\would regret a 7’ rack?

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I have the 7’ rack from NYBB, and it doesn’t feel cramped at all (my ceilings are 7’3"). The only disadvantage I have found is that you have to bend your knees for Pullups and Hanging Leg Raises.

But if you can fit the 8’ rack in there, then why not?

If you have extra room to go between the rafters then go with the 8. It would be nice not to need to bend your legs when doing pullups.

[quote]johnnytang24 wrote:
Nothing larger than a C, or smaller than a B. But I’m more of an ass man myself.[/quote]

i agree, ass is the make or break man

[quote]johnnytang24 wrote:
Nothing larger than a C, or smaller than a B. But I’m more of an ass man myself.[/quote]



If the eight-footer fits, I’d go for it. There’s nothin wrong with doing pullups between the joists, I have to do it with my 7’ rack. You won’t have to bend your knees as much, and will also be able to do military presses in the rack.

Of course, you’ll have to make sure the plates are in between joists. Even with the 7’ rack, you’d still have to place yourself in between joists for pullups, so I really don’t see an upside to it.

Be sure to measure all along where the rack will sit, and make sure you include the thickness of any rubber matting that you will put under it. The joists and slab will not be 100% level, and could easily be off by 1/4" or more, especially in an older home. A 2x12 joist itself can vary by that much in width.

BTW, I hate to nitpick but you hit a pet peeve of mine. Rafters support your roof, Joists support your subfloor and ceiling. What you are talking about are your floor joists.

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