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What Size Needle for Delt Injection?

Is 27g 5/8" enough for IM injection into the delt?

I got these needles hoping I can do SubQ. I am now the proud owner of 4 large knots from trying - 2 on my glutes and 2 matching each side of my navel. I’ve tried switching from sesame seed to grape seed and that clearly wasn’t the problem. I don’t feel like getting another knot so I’m considering sinking it deep in the delt and wasn’t sure if my needles will work for IM or even in the quad.

I use 25g 1/2” on delts. No issues whatsoever.

Needle length for IM will ultimately be determined by how much fat is covering the muscle.

How fast are you injecting? Push the plunger slowly. Have you massaged the spot immediately after? It doesn’t matter for most of us, but it makes a difference for others. The oil forms a depot under the skin. it’s a ball of cypionate and oil. It has to diffuse or you get a lump and the lumps can take a long time to go away.

I inject pretty slow. Probably takes 30 to 45 seconds to inject. I tried to massage but maybe I don’t massage long enough. What’s weird is my first 4 injections went fine. The following 6 have gone bad. If I can just use these needles to pin IM I think I’ll try that. SubQ seems so finicky where there seems to be much less complaint about IM. I had a needle phobia so using 5/8 is a big deal for me. Therefore I want to avoid big IM needles.

Many can use 1/2” needles for delt IM injections so shouldn’t be an issue with 5/8 assuming you don’t have super thick / fatty skin or something. The skin is usually pretty thin there.