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What Size Kettlebell's Should I Buy?

Hi, I’m about to purchase some kettlebell’s and am unsure of what weights i should get. They are for personal use.

Im planning on doing complexes for cardio work outs with abata thruster’s, swings, clean and press and cannonballs etc.

Im going to be purchasing 2x 8kg’s for the thrusters
Most likely 12kg for the clean and press and a 24kg n 30kg for swings.

My current lifts are;
Bench 80kg x6
Squat 90kg x8
Deadlift 120kg x8
Press 50kg x8

Im 185cm tall and 80kg.

Really interested in hte KB’s for the cardio workout, i’ll stick too my barbell’s for strength training.

So what sizes should i be looking at? I’m able to buy up to around 6-8 KB’s.


I’m not too big a fan of KB’s. They’re really expensive after shipping, and most of the things you can do with them you could also acheive with a sandbag or dumbpell.


I have a 24kg that works well for high-rep swings. If I could do it all over again, I would have purchased a heavier one (or not at all).

I am not sure of the brand, and I havent stepped intho the relm of kettlebells yet, but I believe you can find one that you fill yourself so you can vary the weights.

Lookup kettlebell handle. They’re cheaper, or you could make your own.

Im getting a good price on them, pick-up too so not fucking with postage.

Anyone with experience know hwat sizes would be best.

I know im getting the 2x 8kg’s for tabata thruster’s.

Just not sure on what size for one arm c&p’s, swings, turkish get ups and one arm ukranian deadlift tabata style workout’s

Any help would be appreciated.

From Nate Dogg’s home gym thread

the Bulldog kettlebell.

It’s refillable with steel shot. Empty, it weighs 8.8lbs and can go up to 60+ pounds when fully loaded. One advantage (besides only needing one kettlebell for a variety of lifts or people) is that the shifting of the steel shot inside the kettlebell will help you perfect your form when performing kettlebell swings and other exercises.

You can check it out here: http://www.artofstrength.com/...d.asp?af=795053

I think the ones you are looking at buying would be good for your current strength levels. I would say though, through personal experience that as I got stronger I found myself needing a 2 pood kettbell (around 70+ lbs) for my swings and cleans.

ahh k no worries.

I can always go bigger when i get stronger/fitter. The goal is fitness, burning calories and functional strength with them though, i’ll still be doing my dead’s, squat’s, bench, dips, pull ups, presses etc as per usual 4 times a week.

I’m 1,69m and 78kg and my stats are pretty much the same as yours. My first KB weights 20kg. It’s a good one for me.