What Size Kettlebells for Conditioning?

I’m seriously considering getting a pair for conditioning work and am wondering if anybody could make recommendations regarding the weight?
Squat: 400, Dl: 450, Bench: 250, Military press: 170, Front squat: 300

I use them for conditioning from time to time. I have a 72 lb and a 32 lb. The 32 lb is good but too llight for conditioning for me. I would say with your numbers, anything from 32 to the 50s would be good.

If you are going to do basic stuff like swings etc, anything lighter than 53 pounds is pretty much useless, or if not useless, very boring. You could, if you wanted, buy as heavy as 88 pound bell and start with swings and work your way up to more difficult exercises. Something from between might be optimal.

I have a 16kg bell for conditioning.

Trust me, you don’t want it to be too heavy.

Keep the reps high, rest periods very short, and do your swings with one arm at a time and a smaller bell will be more than enough to kick your ass.