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What Size Foam Roller Do You Have?


What size foam roller have you found most effective for use all over the body? I'm trying to decide between 12" all the way to 36".


Grab the 12". No need for anything bigger, you can take it to the gym too.


Definitely get one bigger than the 12''. I have a 2 ft. one at home and a 3 ft. one that I use at the gym. There's no need really to get the 3, but if you don't mind spending the extra couple of bucks it is more convenient because most people tend to slide a little to the left or right when they roll, and you don't have to adjust halfway through.


Yea I use longer ones at the gym bc I shift when i roll sometimes. When your really grinding in there you don't want to worry about falling off ha


I have the 15cm x 90cm one.



Definitely get the longest size that is practical (carrying and training space).
I also got this, for when I need it on the go or just dont want full bodyweight roll; very good item, looks durable:


just make sure you get a "high density" one. I bought a $30 one at Dicks (it was the only one they had) and after 5 months I had permanently indented the center and it was soft/useless. The ones at my gym are the standard high density ones from power-systems and are legit if you need a brand.


scratch that, just bought a PVC pipe today and it is DA SHIT


I use a two foot section of 3" pvc. I have never used foam, so I cannot compare, but I concur that it is indeed 'da shit'.


I bitched out and got a two foot section of 4'' ...


I use a basketball to roll the large muscles and it works well. The spherical shape focuses your weight on a very small area and this allows you to quickly identify the knots in a muscle and then roll them unmercifully from a variety of angles. It's wickedly intense and far superior to any foam or PVC I've tried. Somewhat of an aside, but I've found this kind of rolling to be extremely relaxing (once done that is - hurts like #$%@ in the moment). I have fallen asleep on my bedroom floor several times after an intense session.


have you ever tried a lacrosse ball? Much more intense, i know many people here use it for glutes and calves.


This question is kind of personal don't you think?


I use a 2' section of 4" PVC


PVC for the win


lol thread is unintentionally funny to me


I have not, but will, based on your comment. Sounds like it should work well. Thanks, Cronus.

As for pvc, I don't like it because you can only roll on it in a linear, bi-directional plane and your body weight is spread over a larger area.


Yesterday the gf has a wicked knot in her back, and I was looking desperately for a lacrosse ball or tennis ball or something to work it out with, but couldn't find them.

So what did I use? An apple. Worked okay. I eventually found the lacrosse ball.


I use a 4 inch PVC pipe and a softball. Yeeeahhhhh budddyyy!!!!

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6"x36" foam roller + softball + lax ball = all you need