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What Size Elbow Sleeve?

First time I’ve ever needed one, so I’ve never given it that much thought, and I kind of feel like a newb at this. But right now I need at least one, possibly two. (Using two is probably better anyway, if you’re using them at all, right?)

Do you measure from the root or the base? I mean… Well, you know what I mean.

I’ve got fairly large tris, almost no bis, rebuilding them very slowly after a very deep brachii tear and a superficial brachioradialis tear. Forearms are ‘bottom heavy’… I.e. modest mass left on the upper/extensor side (obviously), but still some mass left on the lower/flexor side.

Trying to order online. Any way of knowing w/O trying them on for size?

What brand are you looking at?

Schiek, for the most part. Good experiences w/that brand. Other suggestions more than welcome.

Go to liftinglarge.com
They have some high quality sleeves. Single ply and double ply. I have the double, they’re fantastic. Measure your arm around the elbow.they have a size chart.