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What Side Effects?

I read a lot on the internet about steroids, and I read a lot about the side effects of steroid use. But I feel most of this is anti aas propaganda. Therefore I started this thread, so people can read what side effects steroid users really get, and what they don’t. Feel free to write what side effects you have got from steroids. The thread starter goes first…

Physical Side-Effects: (this is the side effects I have got from Testo, Deca and Tren) Moderate Acne, Moderate Bloat, Hair Loss, More Body Hair. (this is the side effects I have got from Clenbuterol) Low Blood Pressure, High Heart Rate

Mental Side-Effects: Moderate Aggression, Post-Cycle Depression

Steroid used: dianabols
method of administration: oral

Version used: blue heart shaped pills. 10mgs each. (aka Danabols).

UPDATE: the 10 mg Blue Heart Body Research Thailand 10 mg Dbols were tested at 13.1mg/tab- VERY overdosed.

Anti estrogen used: Generic tamoxifen citrate.

length of cycle: 8 weeks (6 weeks the norm)

Side effects:

-got some mild gyno --even tough I used nolvadex (got it abot 3 weeks post cycle and have worsned slightly).

-bloated up with water, heavily. When I started pct i peed a lot and the bloating disappeared.

-Maximum tolarated dose: 40mg. At 50mg stomach was feeling horrible. An increase in fiber rich food (porridge) helped.

-when eating 20mgs at once, a slightly high blood pressure was experienced.

-mild acne on upper back and slightly on chest.

-cardiovascular health noticably decreased.

-painful occasional lower back pumps (caffeine helped). Those pumps continued for approx. 1 month after pct has been discontinued.

-Had to say bye bye to virtually all of the gains made.

-Balls shrunk slightly–but nothing serious.

-experienced a harsh post cycle depression as a result of the gains lost.

-surprisingly libido decresed.


-significant amount of strength gained while on cycle.

-gained 6 kilos of weight in just 4 weeks.

-no painful joints while on cycle

-a sense of well being while on cycle–Probably due to the fact that physically i was bigger, much bigger than natural.

What i’ve learned: Dianabol only cycles with no injectable anabolics=sucks the big one.

Advice: IM NO EXPERT and the above is a result of what i have PERSONALLY experienced–If considering oral only, basing on what I have read, turinabol should be the oral of choice. This is just a personal opinion.

Hope this information helps.


On Superdrol, sold as supplement but in fact a roid so I learned here:

Pros: very good increase in strenght and dry mass

Cons: intolerable high blood pressure (I actually stopped because I felt like a walking heart attack… after 10 days!! And I NEVER had problems with BP before. Stay away from that stuff. Do “real roids”. SD works for gains but the sides are way too much)

While I REALLY think the media has blown the sides out of proportion and just are misinformed and dumb, roids side effects are not to scoff at.

Depression (post cycle), bad cholesterol, blood pressure, gyno, etc are NOT irrelevant. I wished the lay population wasnt so dumb and had not such negative view of roids, that they were legal etc. but sometimes juicers are delusional too IMO.

*My 1st cycle was a Sustanon/Dianabol combo, with an amp/week of Sustanon for 4 weeks and 15-20 mg tapered dose of DBol for 8 weeks.

Made a 16lb solid gain, and retained 75% of those gaines after stopping cycle. No PCT used. Not much side effects, the only ones being:

  1. Increased libido
  2. Increased acne, got some zits in weird places like in the scalp, on outer edges of lip, on lower back, etc. but it didn’t bother me too much.

*2nd cycle tried Anadrol/Winstrol combo. 100mg Drol ed and 30mg Winny ed.

Gained over 10lbs (4.5kg) within 2 weeks.

Side effects have been so far:

  1. Incredible gas bloat in stomach
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Easy irritability/anger (this may be a psychological issue in its own right although it’s easy to blame it on steroids).

Had to put the cycle & training on hold while I am recovering from an injury, but hope to either taper off with PCT and start again later, or get back into full swing next week.