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What Should Training Be Like for These Goals?


I'm hoping I get answered by the right person. I've been a little hesitant posting this because it seems like everybody is into bodybuilding but it seems Thib now values performance also. So I've figured out my goals and I could lay them out right here. I may get flamed, I may be called crazy but here they are.

Is there a possible way to look like a bodybuilder(dense, hard, grainy, not huge, frankly, I'd be happy with Dr. Hall's size now, truth is he's pretty damn huge now, especially at his age) and have close to the power and speed of bruce lee, along with being able to actually lift 50 lb of something in real life as opposed to just dumbbells? Those are my goals. They might sound ridiculous but those are my goals now due to a huge revelation when I got beaten by my skinny-fat friend in arm-wrestling. I'm clearly bigger than him, but despite my greatest effort, I couldn't pin him, and when he did try, he would pin me fast. He has no bicep or shoulders or triceps whatsoever, he's skinnier than me, and he definitely has more fat than me. Maybe I'm taking this too hard, but I actually want to be able to do stuff with my muscle, and be able to perform big if I look big.


I have yet to find a strength-intensive situation in which added strength from the weigth room DOESN'T translate. I'd bet a large amount of money that a guy with a 455 deadlift will have an easier time moving a dresser than a guy with a 225lb deadlift.

If you think 50lbs is heavy when not in dumbell form, you probably haven't built enough strength in the weight room to know for sure how it translates.

You have to choose between your goals though. You can be huge, and slightly (or a lot, depending) slower, or you can be smaller but quicker. Very few people can be both and perform at a high level.

Close to the power and speed of bruce lee? If you can't begin to approach it at your current weight/strength (and very few could/can), you likely never will.


maybe you just suck at arm wrestling


I would actually say that's true. I've never won an arm wrestling match actually. I just thought all that time in the gym would pay off somehow so I gave it a shot after he repeatedly told me he's never lost an arm wrestling match. But despite that, I'm glad I found out because now I actually want strength, speed, and power, not to do a lift better, but to do real things better like I just described.


and to answer your question. Yes.


hey man thanks for the reply anway. I don't have a problem being smaller actually. I would be sorely broken emotionally if I continued to be big but added another statistic to the stereotype "show no go" when it came time to perform.


Oh so you want functional muscle? Why didnt you say so...

Youve arrived at the right place. Im not really sure how to create functional muscle but I'm postive there are hundreds of people here who think they know how to.


hmm if you say I can be a high-performing bodybuilder, then how should I train? what rep style should I follow and what exercises should I stick to? I heard that you should stick to 1-5 reps for myofibrillar hypertrophy but I got confused when I saw bruce lee's weight training routine, matter of fact, on this very website.




hey man thank you for understanding! Yep functional not to play in a sport, but for a real fight, to be able to take almost any hit to any part of the body, to be able to punch the hardest and the fastest(should I ever fight myself in a dispute) and to lift any load easily and frequently(thinking about a warehouse job and sick of my dad telling me he's stronger than me because he works a handyman job and can outlast me carrying heavy loads). I would add being able to sprint a mile, but that's a loooonnnnng way to go and a much loooonger shot.


oh he was being sarcastic -___-. What a dumbass I am.


If you want to be strong, then lift heavier and heavier weight each time you hit the gym. It's that simple dude. As far as the armwrestling is concerned, it's likely that he is far more technically proficient and has a leverage advantage. Longer arm grants a higher position. Based on what you stated your goals to be, I feel your focus should be primarily on maximal strength. Power and speed are strength and practice. Being stronger will lend itself to pretty much every goal you stated. The guys that exhibit the really dense physiques are normally very strong (at least for their size).


you only weight 170lbs, you should focus on putting some weight and putting more plates on that barbell before complaining.


Hmm. I see. Hard punches and being able to lift non-barbell shaped objects. You're in the right place. You would have gotten flamed to death if you posted in the Combat forum or in the Strongman forum. And dont poke your head in the Conditioning forum. Bunch of jerks over there.

I think if you follow a typical bodybuilding split whilst doing bikram yoga you'll create maximum myofibrilar hypertrophy.


In regard to the all show no go stereotype. I never seen anyone that is legit hyooge that wasn't putting up some serious numbers.




sarcasm OP sarcasm


OP Your first step should be establishing a clearly defined and specific goal. Talking short term. Say end of the year.


I've seen some videos of pre-contest pros where they're piss weak. Wonder if they were on DNP.