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What Should My Next Cycle Be?


I’m currently B&C’ing my primary goal is just strength and shear size I currently am on Test + Var (Just added Var near the end because I have it) for 12 weeks now I’m thinking of my next cycle and having maybe 12 weeks off?, I think my next cycle should either be Sust + Dbol or Sust + Deca or I could even do a Dbol kickstart?, Your opinions?, cheers.


What were your test and var dosages this last cycle? How well did they work for you? How many blast cycles have you run? What is your cruising dosage?

You don’t need dbol as a kickstart if you’re cruising imo.


Started with 500mg Test per week, 8th week added Var at 100mg per day I’ve still got 2 weeks to go then I was going to cruise on Test E 150mg every 10 days, Gained 12lb so far and a lot of strength since I primarily train for that

This was my first blast cycle, I want to further plan for my 2nd one I heard Deca can strengthen Ligaments etc which would be good when making rapid strength increases and it’s less liver toxic.


This is a no-no. I hope your cycle isn’t a shot every 10 days. You’re pushing the half life envelope with this protocol. Pinning should be 2 x week.


That’s cruising and that’s completely fine doctors prescribe up to 200mg every 10 days for trt.


Ok good info there.

Personally I prefer injectables. Test 500 / Deca 300 or Test 500 EQ250-300 are both great cycles. I got a lot out of the Test/EQ cycle. Also got a lot out of running test at 750/wk. Deca great for joints if you train strength. EQ great for both but won’t gain the water weight with it like Deca. Pick your poison. They’re both great.

By the way, I cruise at 250/wk one injection. Two injections are not necessary.


They do, but it’s not optimal. You get too many peaks and troughs with that protocol. It won’t hurt you, but it just isn’t the best way to maximize your TRT. My doc endorsed twice weekly instead of his original once weekly. The reason he doesn’t have patients do it twice weekly? It’s hard enough to get them used to needles, so telling them they’ve got to take 104 injections a year is a psychological barrier.


I probably would, I’ve been doing Quad injections sometimes they hurt sometimes they dont but when they do I need painkillers to get me through a workout, I’ve been thinking about trying ventroglutes but it’s hard to find videos on it.

You may be swaying me to try EQ but I also wanted to try Sust so maybe Sust + EQ?, I’ve done Test E so I just wanted to see which Test I like the most.


You’re disregarding the half life issue. Test has a half life of about 7 days, that means a full life is about 14 days. By taking a shot every 10 days, you will have depleted 3/4 of your dose. This is not a good idea. The point of twice a week dosing is to prevent peaks and valleys in your hormone levels. By splitting your dose and injecting at the 1/4 life time frame, you are keeping your depletion at a minimum and maintaining a steady supply of testosterone to your cells.


Run Sust if you want as your test base. It’s all the same stuff just a couple of compounds that are quicker acting within it. If you’re blast/cruising imo there’s no need for sust as test is test, but go for it. You’re not out anything by doing it.

Yea man, Test + EQ is awesome! Sust + EQ or Test E + EQ…doesn’t matter. EQ also increased my strength.


I’m taking it twice weekly now.


Good. Much better protocol


That’s not how half lives work. A half life of 7 days means it halves every 7 days, so by day 14 you’re down to 1/4, by day 21 you’re down to 1/8 etc. By day 10, he’s down to 0.5^(10/7) = 37%, about 3/8. Not as significant of a difference as you’re saying.


Altho you are correct about the half life. I’m trying to understand the point of digging up a old post to correct someone?

Let’s focus on this. Stud said 3/4 of his dose which is 25% you corrected hkm by saying no 37% that’s not as significant.

Your arguing over 12% but the bigger problem is your ignorance in claiming that’s its not as Significant. Having that big of a peak in your testosterone especially in a trt dose can be extremely significant.

If your gonna dig up old post to correct people plz make it a SIGNIFICANT enough of a correction worth reading


I think the TRT doctors on the cutting edge are even moving to 3X per week depending on blood work (SHBG).

My protocol is 50 mg 3X per week SubQ.


Didn’t even notice it was an old post, was just trawling through. First time on this forum.

I said not as significant, not that it was insignificant. Only point of my post was to do a maths check, not to disagree that more pins = more steady test levels.


I understand and sorry if I came of as a dick it’s just a little annoying to see an old post dragged up by someone who just joined commenting correcting what is essentially a extremely minor detail. When the whole point of his post was to try and help the person understand that too much of the test will have depleted itself and he should inject more frequently.

Altho the numbers are slightly off I’m 99.9% sure studhammer has a good understanding of half lives.

Anyways welcome to the forum brother!


Thanks for looking out for me @zeek1414!

@bigboijenkins, I can always use a math lesson.

For everybody’s sake, since this stuff can be confusing, I put it in a table: