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What Should My Expectations Be?

I started training for the first time 10 months ago. I played high school sports but we had no weight program to speak of. I need somebody who is experienced in power sports to give me an evaluation of what my expectations should be. I will list my current one rep maxes as of this week and give you an idea of my body.

5’9 249 pounds down from 280 pounds 10 months ago.

Bench Press Raw No Shirt - 425 up from 245 10 months ago.
Squat Raw No Suit - 455 up from 295 10 months ago.
Deadlift Raw No Straps - 585 up from ?? never done deads before 2 weeks ago.

These are 1 rep maxes as of this week. I am clean, I repeat clean. I take about 300 g. of protien a day, 10 g. creatine, 10 g. glutamine, lipo-6, 6-oxo extreme, aminos, NO-Xplode, as well as a number of other OTC vitamins.

Any input would be appreciated.

Very solid lifts. don’t know where you can expect to go, but starting with lifts that high, you could really get up there in poundages.

I have had some pressure to start “cycling” from some other guys in the gym. I am a little wary due to my BMI and the possible side effects, not to mention legality. I would like to get to a point of competing at state levels but I don’t know if I can get there clean. I guess it is a crap shoot.

well if you dont think you can then i promise you that you wont

I don’t know what I can do, like I said I have been training for 10 months for the first time in my life. When I asked for input I didn’t mean the old “can’t never could”.

keep lifting and work on your sticking points. theses are great gains (and body weight losses) so keep going, if you think you already need gear to get better after only 10 months, you’re wrong. and if you do need it to get better after such a short period of training, gear wont do much good.

i read on T-Nation one of the biggest truisms about going to gear for help- if you need steroids to help you play high school football, you aren’t good enough to play in college, if you need it to help you in college, you dont have what it takes to go pro… get it? keep up the good work, eat a lot, train a lot and you’ll see progress.

i understand what your saying totally. i don’t need it right now for sure because i haven’t hit my natural threshhold yet. i was wondering if anybody could give me any reasonable expectations for future gains though.

Those are solid for such a short amount of training. Its really hard to say where you are going from here. My humble suggestion is to sign up for a RAW or NASA unequipped meet and see how you do. I’d lose the 7lbs get in the 242 class and give it a whirl.

Lots of info out there about getting into PL, but a good place to read some on it is:



You started training less than a year ago and your bench is already bigger than my squat. (Granted, I’ve only been lifting full-time since August, but still.)

That says all that need be said about whether you should use gear at this point. You don’t need it. With your numbers you’d most likely be competitive at a state level raw, let alone equipped.

If your total is already 1500+ (and a 1500+ raw total is something people spend many years chasing at any bodyweight) after TEN FRIGGIN’ MONTHS of training naturally, what do you think it’ll be after two years? Your gains are already astounding.

Fuck steroids. Use 'em when you get older, not right now. They’re the ace in the hole.

Thanks LUE. that is what the guy i train with says but he is a straight body builder. i was just wanted some other power guys opinions. i have always been naturally strong and i know it is like a stereotype or something but i did grow up on a farm so i have that going for me.

I started training last august after my wife wanted to get back in shape. i will try to get some pics up on my t-page soon. bench is easy for me because i have a very thick chest and dl came naturally due to my strong back. squat on the other hand is a killer for me. my legs have the size just no strength.

I will keep working on it though. i know its outrageous, but my goal is to break the dl 1000 mark; hey gotta have goals right?

i would just tell you that you should expect your gains to slow down after such a great start, it will get harder, but keep up the great work and results will come