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What Should My Diet Look Like on T3?


Hey guys, im trying to get rid of the last amount of belly fat covering my abs. I’ve been dieting for quite some time now but struggle to loose it. Im now taking 50 mcg T3 everyday and I wanted to know how my diet should look like? prior to the T3 i was eating 180g protein, 200g carbs and 60g fat. Should I be eating more than that while on 50mcg T3 everyday or what should I be doing diet wise while on T3.
Thanks guys.


Are u on cycle? Thats a high dose imo if not on cycle. I like 37.5mcg on or off but more seems too catabolic and could lose too much muscle. I am not the best with diet but low carb and high protien is usually what i do on a cut. But whatever you can do to preserve muscle will be a good idea. Especially at 50mcg ed. Dont get me wrong, that dose is perfect for some guys. Just need to pay attention. If u start losing too much muscle drop it down. 50mcg is highest i would go though. But if you do lose muscle it will come back very quickly too. I really noticed that when i tried DNP a few months ago. I lost some muscle but it did come back quickly and then some too. Some guys dont want to lose any muscle though so just wanted u to have a heads up. Sorry if you know this shit. Just trying to help.