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What Should I Work on Other Than Just Adding Overall Mass?

I know I need to add more overall mass but the first picture is after about 3 weeks of working out and the other two are after about 5 months

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Important to keep a log to track your progress. Don’t neglect mobility work and always work on improving technique. These are good general things to focus on early on that’ll improve your longevity in the game. You don’t have much bodyfat at all so definitely have a lot of room to really bump the calories as needed to fuel performance and growth. Hard to say more specifics without more specific info.

Do you have any tips for increasing calories I eat pretty healthy and calorie dense meals until I’m close to puking but I just can’t seem to eat enough to put on weight

what does a typical days eating look like for you? cals, macros…

I don’t track everything, I know I should. But a typical day of eating for me is a protein shake every morning, and I don’t track calories but the size of my lunch is usually something the size of a Chick-fil-A sandwich meal with large fry and drink and then a store bought protein shake, and then for dinner I usually have a large cut of meat like steak or chicken, either potatoes or rice, and some vegetables, and then a bowl of ice cream after. This might not answer ur question whatsoever but it’s the best I got

It does.

Once you start, you will make progress.


Not only do you not eat healthy but you don’t eat much either lol working out is the easy part. Eating is the hard part. Depending on your goals you’re gonna have to start eating actual food and more of it.


few questions before i give any advice
1- how old are you?
2- how many days you workout a week and how is it broken up?
3- do you do any other activities(eg wrestling boxing cycling whatnot)?

I just turned 18, I usually workout 4-5 days a week I usually do shoulders and back, arms, legs, and then chest and then throw in some core exercises throughout the week and I box just when I feel like it nothing serious

my first piece of advice would be to eat more, now I understand you will say “but i’m already eating so much” to which I would say “eat more.” rich piana greatly elaborated on this xD. understand your brain may genetically not produce that much ghrellin and you may not feel hungry often enough, so you will likely have to force feed, it will suck and it will suck a lot. if you want to get bigger this is just the reality. anyways here is a sample day of what my diet looked like in the past to grow quicker
meal 1- three pork chops, two sweet potatos, four triple zero oikos yogurts, two apples
meal 2- pork chop, two triple zero yogurts, two apples, cup of squash
meal 3- pork chop, sweet potato, peanut butter
meal 4- pork chop, two triple zero yogurts, two apples, 4 carrots, green beans

i basically ate only these foods because i don’t like spending money on food and these are all cheap.
don’t try and up the food to this amount right away because you will feel sick bloated and lethargic the idea is to let your digestive system adapt to it before you nuke it with a lot of food. the key to digesting well is vegetables so eat a lot, another quick tip is cut out all fake/processed/added in sugar, you will feel better in general and it’s just healthier. don’t worry about getting fat, it won’t happen if you eat clean bc your metabolism adjusts.

second tip is to change your program, there is a lot of options and it’s finding what works for you. doing chest shoulders tris one day back biceps the next, legs the next, arms the next, and having a dedicated weak point may be more efficient for you and. not going to delve into this too much but check out natural hypertrophy on YouTube, he has a lot of good guidance for programming and watching a video or just looking at the description to see the program is easier than reading multiple pages of programming bullshit I’ve tried and tweaked here is a link to a program that is pretty ok, just look in the description to see the actual program because often his videos are a bit long

he made a part two that has a blank template you can put your favorite exercises in

some just general advice i would give myself if i could talk tp early lifter me is
-don’t worry about numbers, scale weight, how much you lift etc. the true measure is the mirror check your progress there and take pics so you can see the change
-a calorie isn’t a calorie dont count them or use them it is a flawed measurement, either you use macros or you use meals/servings like bill phillips or rich piana
-sleep and diet are king
-prevent overuse injuries via sleep and stretching
-there aren’t any “necessary” lifts, if bench doesn’t work for your shoulders don’t do it, if squats hurt your knees don’t do it, if deads hurt your back don’t do it
-don’t waste money on supplements in general, protein powders etc are a scam and do more harm than good just eat real food it’s better and cheaper. the only legit supplements are vitamins, probiotics, and a preworkout, two of those can be obtained through food
-train your neck and forearms in a shirt if you have a thin neck and forearms you look small no matter how big you are

  • do not give up and do not get discouraged, keep going it will pay off

Thank you so much man very helpful and Jesus that’s a lot of food. I’ll definitely work on tracking my macros and eating more thanks again

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yep, the gym is the easy part eating is the worst.

Another suggestion- get a jar of pb and take large spoonfuls between meals.

Adding shakes is an easy way also… not just whey and water, but whey, milk, a banana, a scoop of oats and a bunch of PB… super easy to make a quick shake that will have over 50g protein and 1000 cals.