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What should I tell me doctor (Cy??)

I’m going into the doctor’s tomorrow because I honestly believe I have a high estrogen problem. I don’t think it’s an issue with low T, but I’m not sure - I tend to cycle between feeling really wussy and really macho, and my sex drive, etc, does this as well. That, combined with my not deep-enough voice and that I carry my fat on my hips and butt like a girl lead me to believe all this.

Anyway, what should I tell him to check besides T and estradiol (is that right?)? If he’s hesitant to give me the blood screening for whatever reason, what should I tell him other than my honest symptoms (poor sleep, no weight loss in spite of good solid workouts, gyno, etc?)

The basic tests that should give you and him a good idea of what’s going on are: free and total testosterone, LH, FSH and estradiol. With your symptoms if he refuses to do the tests find a new doctor.

He shouldn’t refuse - he’s been b!tching to me about losing weight for a long time, and now that I’m diong it he ought to be willing to help. But he’s gotta justify the test to the HMO and that will keep most docs from bothering - they just don’t have the time. LH - luteinizing hormone, right? I dunno what FSH is though…I’ll search on the site but it’d still be helpful if someone can post what it is. Thanks!

FSH is Follicle stimulating hormone. FSH is a hormone secreted from the pituitary gland. In men, it stimulates production of sperm in the testes. A low FSH (or LH) level could indicate secondary hypogonadism (a problem with the pituitary or hypothalamus), while a high FSH (or LH) level could indicate primary hypogonadism (a problem with the testes). If your T levels are low or your T/E ratio is out of balance, the results from the LH and FSH tests can be a great help in determining the proper method of treatment.