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What Should I Improve?


I just started working out( 4months). I’m 18 6ft 174Ibs and still in the process of losing fat especially for my love handles. I also have a small inch gap in my chest Is there anyway to make it smaller.


Time compliance. Keep it up for 10 years.


Or 45


Dont try and lose fat just lift with a program, any program, and est good food. Do that for a couple years, there is no quick gratification. Dont take that one marshmallow, wait and youll get two later.


Is this based off your own rate of progression?


Pretty sure those are hip bones. Like the guys are saying, focus on building muscle steadily over the next few years and you’ll be in a good spot.

Trying to cut fat right now, especially love handles which are sometimes “stubborn” and stick around until you get very shredded, will set you back in the long run.

Don Quixote is an appropriate poster for this comment. Worrying about chest gap is tilting at windmills.

In the first place, simply adding total body muscle will help to make it less of an issue. Secondly, there are some bodybuilders with a degree of chest gap, because it’s a genetic factor (muscle origins, attachments, all that jazz) and they can’t be trained around, but you can make the muscle itself bigger.

This 260-pound professional hasn’t found a way to fix it, so you shouldn’t stress too much either.


agree with others. you don’t have love handles. You’ve dieted down to a good bodyfat level, no need to go further. you’ll be much better off trying to add muscle now.