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What Should I Improve?

Well i want to know what program i should be using, and what do you guys think will give me the best results as of right now.

Age- 17
Bf %- idk (15%??)
Height- 6’1
Weight- 209
Exerience- 5 Months of boxing (15-16), 2 years of soccer(12-14).

Current Numbers 1RM:
Deadlift- 495
Squat- 455
Bench- 225
Row- 225

What Program should i start in, i was on Rippetoe’s program, but im done with it, and am really looking for soemthing a little more fitting of my body and strenght. I would consider myself a newb since i have only worked out from August 1 to Current date, i have took the pictures in as close of an angle as possible and tried to place all coats and chairs in the same spot for better comparisons.

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If you’re squatting 455 and deadlifting 495, go to the Dr.Squat forum and ask there. You need to get to a powerlifting gym and start training with the pros. There is no beginner program that is going to help you.