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What should I get to stop the cravings?

I havent posted for a while, but wrestling will be over in a few months. Last year after wrestling I did the massive eating guidelines and went crazy at night because of the cravings for carbs. What does everyone else do? I know I saw a similar post somewhere before, but I can’t seem find it. Thanks!

Type “HTP” into the search bar at the t-mag home page. read the article titled “5-HTP: the best carb suppressant around”. After this your problem will be solved.

get yourself an assload of glutamine and take large doses like 10 grams or even more, it cures carb cravings.

Something cheaper: I’ve just began dieting down again and have been having the cravings, and what I assume to be another side effect which almost like the feeling that I’m getting a cold. (Anybody know what that is? I’ve been limiting carbs quite a bit.) Anyway just get some fat free cottage cheese and mix up a cup of the cottage cheese with a quarter of a cup of apple sauce. The cottage cheese absorbs up the taste of the apple sauce and it tends to help me out. Plus the tiny bit of sugar isn’t that much of a spike.

Have a cigarette.

My case is a little diffrent as it doesnt relate to massive eating but more T-Dawg diet, bu carb cravings were pretty tough for me too. Growing up I used to allways have a huge dinner with tons of carbs, when I switched to a semi-permanent low carb program the cravings were tough three things got me through.
1 Diet soda or tea/ coffie with sweetner(decaf coffie)
2 Time itself helped
3 Have schduled cheat days. Usually I can relax my diet on sat/sun or fri/sat and still lose weight and it really helps my stamina on mondays/tues(the toughest/heaviest wos for me)

I agree diet soda helps. I also like taking a handful of raw almonds. But when I am really hungry for carbs a protein bar usually does the trick with a lot of water.
Good Luck.

brush your teeth! seriously it helps kill cravings for a lot of people. The above suggestions are also good. I also recommend drinking lots of ice cold water. Drinking coffee, tea, or diet soda with a 5-10 gram dose of glutamine will usually kill cravings for a while as well.

MD6 controls my carb cravings.

MD6 has 5HTP in it… you can get it at WALMART… at least in some places.

When I get that big craving for carbs I usually have cottage cheese w/Advanced Protein (chocolate w/some natural pb)-really hits the spot just like a dessert. Also when I’m eating the reccomended calories on either the don’t diet plan or t-dawg my carb cravings subside, maybe your calorie level is 2 low?

I usually find that when I’m starving, and it’s not my time to eat, tea with lemon is a great way to suppress the hunger - this way since it’s late at night once the hunger subsides - go to bed.